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Aldine Mail Route Animal Hospital Marketing Case Study
Increased our revenue by 30%!
Advertising Case Study: Real Estate Investment Knoxville, Tennessee
Green Mountain closed 4 deals as a result of this campaign which led to about $80,000 in revenue. That’s an ROI of 400%!
Advertising Case Study: Home Services Kalamazoo, Michigan
KCHS has received 84 phone inquiries since the first mail drop and traffic to their website has increased exponentially!
Advertising Case Study: Home Automation Company in Florida
Hive spent $17,000 on this campaign which generated $356,000 in revenue for their company. That’s an ROI of 2,147%!
Advertising Case Study: Animal Services Virginia Beach, Virginia
Abbey Animal Hospital received 86 phone calls!
Ste Jeanne d’Arc School – Lowell, Massachusetts Marketing Case Study
25 responses so far and from that they have enrolled 5 new students to the school. Each student's tuition is $5,700 and when school starts in the fall that will be $28,500 generated!
Joyride Silver Adventures Direct Mail Marketing Case Study
Monthly revenue and tours increased by 500%
Fort Worth Dental Direct Mail Marketing Case Study
144 new patients in just one month!
Forestry Commerce Marketing Case Study
128,823 impressions and 794 clicks to their website!
Taylor Made Smiles Case Study
24 unique phone calls and 152 clicks to their website!
Lakeshore Dental Associates Case Study
77 unique phone calls and over 250 clicks to their website!
On The Edge Dance and Performing Arts Case Study
28 unique phone calls and over 1,700 clicks through to their website!
Valley Cash Buyer Case Study
21 unique phone calls and over 500 clicks from interested leads to their website!
Yelm Prairie Dental Case Study
111 phone calls and over 400 clicks through to their website!
RLS Tutoring Inc. Case Study
A projected income of $19K+ over the next two years – a 233% return on investment!
Tanty Family Dental Case Study
349% more new patients after starting a consistent postcard campaign!
John Carpenter Case Study
He won his election by just 17 votes and attributes it to the online ads!
Blueberry Hill Holdings Case Study
The follow-up ads convinced over 1,000 people to visit our site!
Give Back HVAC Case Study
14 new customers- $4,000 in immediate revenue!
Elite Wheel & Tire Distributors
60 calls and over 500 website visitors!
RealJoy Vacations
We projected picking up 62 new properties by this time and we have actually picked up 83!
Carlson Dental
Estimated long-term return of $22,000.
Mehaffey Financial Services
50 responses and 30 NEW clients!
Pride & Prejudoodles
Our dogs DID sell out — we had to actually hire additional trainers so we could increase our output.
First Stone Management
23 unique tracked calls!
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