Case Studies tagged:
Everywhere Small Business

Jill Wedeles Allstate Insurance Co
Increased monthly revenue by $10,000!
Grub Stake Auction
Every item was sold generating $600,000!
Hirsch Academy
7 enrollments and $49,000 in revenue!
Dearinger Cleaning LLC
So much new business they need a new employee!
Steve’s Plumbing
Over $200,000 in revenue generated!
Claudia Heavenly Flan & Cakes
Kept the business afloat during the pandemic closures!
Yoder Commercial Roofing
$20,000 in revenue!
Artistwelder Grave Concerns
13 sales for $6,500 in revenue!
Camp Chatuga
The entire camp was filled!
Guardian Machine Protection
$16,000 in revenue!
Bright Star Dental
10 new patients!
THE Health and Wellness Centers
26 new patients!
HPI Building Renovations
Constant flow of leads!
Grass Life USA (Dwight Lawn Service)
$25,000 generated
Freedom Dental of Fort Myers
6 new patients from one mailing!
Platte River Foot & Ankle
10 new patients!
183 orders and $15,000 in revenue!
St. Joseph Consolidated School
Enrollment is at max capacity for all but one or two grade levels!
Elite Roofing And Restoration
At least $243,000 in revenue!
Liquidation Station USA
Sales increased 40%!
Kathleen Mullaney, DDS
29 new patients and $99,223 in income!
Easy Street At Nexa Mortgage
2 mailings already generated $12,000!
Washington Mortgage Broker
97% closing rate and an approximate $100,000 in revenue!
Biddeford Family Dentistry
30 responses and 4-5 new patients!
Greenscape Environmental Services
50 appointments set with a 100% conversion rate!
Excel Electric
Brought in around 8 jobs!
Georgia Dream Pools
20 super qualified leads!
Azalea Park Learning Center
10-15 new enrollments!
My Florida Roofing Contractor
Averaging 15 jobs per month since the last mailing!
Clements Pool Services and Supplies
Generated 3 jobs for $14,000!
The Weiner Companies, Ltd
25-30 new clients so far!
Life Christian Academy
They have mailed about 12,000 postcards so far, resulting in about $6,000 per new student, totaling roughly over $120,000!
Fuller Insurance
They spent $4,364.96 with postage included, and so far, they have made roughly $25,000. That’s a 473% ROI!
Postcard Marketing Case Study
Ultimate Creations Inc
They have made $204,199.51 in revenue!!
Postcard Marketing Case Study
Beri Esthetique
10-12 customers returned for services!
Successful Weight Loss Postcard
ThinTech Wellness
They spent $4,312.42 with postage included, and so far, they have made $20,000. Their ROI is 363%!
Successful Political Postcard
Randy Foster
He won the election!
Scott’s Iconium Store
They received over 100 responses!
Successful Hearing Aids Postcard
They spent $13,707.69 with postage included, and so far, they have made approximately $66,000. That’s a 381% ROI!
Successful Water Services Postcard
Nova Water
They spent $6,454.98 with postage included, and so far, they have made roughly $56,000. That’s a 768% ROI!
Successful Real Estate Mailer
Mike Buys Houses
They spent $7,581.20 with postage included, and so far, they have made roughly $30,000. That’s a 296% ROI!
Successful Political Postcard
Joan Weiss
She won 62% of the vote!
Successful Real Estate Investment Postcard
Karam Properties
They spent $829.88 with postage included, and they project to make $20,000. That will be a 2,310% ROI!
Successful Orthodontic Postcard
Gorczyca Orthodontics
Since starting with PostcardMania, they have seen a 212% increase in patients!
Successful Political Postcard
George Maddox
He won the election!
Successful Dental Postcard
EZ Dental
They spent $7,699.51 with postage included, and so far, they have made roughly $15,000. That’s an immediate 95% ROI!
Successful Grocer Postcard
Hudson Greene Market
50 responses and $12,000 in income!
Successful Dental Services Postcard
South Coast Dental Center
Doubled their monthly patients!!
Successful Dental Lab Postcard
Best Value Ceramics
30 responses and $14,000 in income!
Postcard Marketing Case Study
Wharton Roofing
$100,000 in revenue for a 586.14% ROI!
Successful HVAC Service Postcard
Pipco Air Conditioning & Heating
$30,000 in revenue for a 127% ROI!
Successful Dental Lab Postcard
Posca Brothers
20-30 new accounts making $15,000-30,000!
Successful Heating and Air Conditioning Postcard
C.W.P. Heating and Air
7 calls and closed 2 new jobs that brought in $11,200!
Successful Insurance Postcard
Right Plan For You
15-20 responses so far and converted 9 into new clients!
Successful Cleaning Service Postcard
booked 8 new jobs, which generated $10,000 in revenue!
Successful Beauty Service Postcard
Hair By Katy
…45 new clients so far!
Successful Education Postcard
The RISE Schools
…after one week, they received 178 tracked calls and counting!
Successful Pest Control Postcard
Combat Pest Control
…so far, they received 108 unique calls and 6,117 clicks to their website!
Successful Home Improvement Postcard
Decker Home Improvement
…they received 15 unique calls and 1,613 clicks to their website!
Voice Lessons
…their minutes per day of teaching has skyrocketed to over 10,000!
Successful Real Estate Investment Letter
Global Citizens Holdings – Land Scouts
…they tracked 94 unique calls and secured 20 new deals under contract! They saw a 6,950% ROI from their combined postcard and digital ad campaign!
Robertson Piano Services
…99 new appointments so far from the campaign!
Successful Heating and Air Conditioning Postcard
Shotmeyer Bros
…so far, Shotmeyer Bros tracked 173 unique calls! They also received over 3,000 clicks to their website and 2,900,000 online ad views!
Delphi Academy of Florida
In just one year of using Everywhere Small Business, we have seen a remarkable increase of 20% to 30% in our revenue here!
Successful Animal Service Postcard
Collar City Animal Hospital
…they got 18-30+ new patients in one month, adding $3,000-$4,500 a month in revenue!
Successful Dental Service Postcard
Smilecenter Plymouth
…they received 43 unique calls from their marketing campaign!
Postcard Marketing Case Study
Orion Waste Solutions
Only 2 months of mailing our postcards and we are overwhelmed by all of these phone calls!
Mold Zero Postcard
Mold Zero
14 new customers and $15,000 in revenue!
Noah’s Ark Workshop
677 calls to their call tracking number!
physical therapy letter idea
Alameda Acupuncture
…the practice has gained six new patients and even reactivated some old patients as well!
Aldine Mail Route Animal
Increased our revenue by 30%!
Postcard Marketing Case Study
Clement Family Dental
1,513 unique calls!
Green Mountain Properties, Inc.
Green Mountain closed 4 deals as a result of this campaign which led to about $80,000 in revenue. That’s an ROI of 400%!
Kazoo Chimney & Home Services
KCHS has received 84 phone inquiries since the first mail drop and traffic to their website has increased exponentially!
Hive spent $17,000 on this campaign which generated $356,000 in revenue for their company. That’s an ROI of 2,147%!
Abbey Animal Hospital Direct Mail Advertising Case Study:
Abbey Animal Hospital received 86 phone calls!
real estate postcard idea
KAFA Company, LLC
KAFA has received more than 24 responses thus far and is currently closing 2 sales that will generate $10,000!
Postcard Marketing Case Study
6 Steps Before the Lord
6 new students!
Private school postcard idea
Ste Jeanne d’Arc School
25 responses so far and from that they have enrolled 5 new students to the school. Each student's tuition is $5,700 and when school starts in the fall that will be $28,500 generated!
Moving direct mail postcard idea
3 Guys Moving and Storage
$23,448 in initial revenue!
moving postcard idea
Shleppers Moving & Storage
40 new clients!
Travel guide Postcard idea
Joyride Silver Adventures
Monthly revenue and tours increased by 500%
Dental direct mail idea
Noble Oaks Dentistry
22 new patients in just one month!
Hvac postcard idea
Air Express
50 new clients per month!
Financial seminar postcard Idea
United Capital
150 attendees to 4 seminars!
Dental postcard idea
Fort Worth Dental
144 new patients in just one month!
Postcard Marketing Case Study
JT Forestry Commerce 
128,823 impressions and 794 clicks to their website!
Postcard Marketing Case Study
Kaminski Dental Center
1,568 clicks to their website!
Dental office Postcard Idea
Taylor Made Smiles
24 unique phone calls and 152 clicks to their website!
Repair Shop Marketing campaign idea
University Automotive
Our new customers per month doubled!
Dental Postcard Marketing Idea
Lakeshore Dental Associates Direct Mail Marketing Case Study:
77 unique phone calls and over 250 clicks to their website!
Dance Studio Marketing Postcard idea
On The Edge Dance and Performing Arts
28 unique phone calls and over 1,700 clicks through to their website!
Postcard Marketing Case Study
Valley Cash Buyer
21 unique phone calls and over 500 clicks from interested leads to their website!
Dental postcards ideas
Performance Dental Care
156 unique tracked calls!
Dental Postcard Marketing Idea
Yelm Prairie Dental
111 phone calls and over 400 clicks through to their website!
Dental office Marketing Ideas
Laguna Dental and Orthodontics
176 phone calls!
RLS Tutoring Inc.
A projected income of $19K+ over the next two years – a 233% return on investment!
Tanty Family Dental
349% more new patients after starting a consistent postcard campaign!
Postcard Marketing Case Study
John Carpenter
He won his election by just 17 votes and attributes it to the online ads!
Realtor Marketing Postcard Idea
Blueberry Hill Holdings
The follow-up ads convinced over 1,000 people to visit our site!
HVAC Postcard Marketing
Give Back HVAC
14 new customers- $4,000 in immediate revenue!
Car Accessories Marketing
Elite Wheel & Tire Distributors
60 calls and over 500 website visitors!
Vacation Rental Postcards
RealJoy Vacations
We projected picking up 62 new properties by this time and we have actually picked up 83!
Dental Office Postcards
Carlson Dental
Estimated long-term return of $22,000.
Tax Office Marketing Idea
Mehaffey Financial Services
50 responses and 30 NEW clients!
Pride & Prejudoodles
Our dogs DID sell out — we had to actually hire additional trainers so we could increase our output.
Real Estate Investor Postcards
First Stone Management
23 unique tracked calls!
Borealis Dental
143% increase in monthly new patients
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