Everywhere Small Business Case Studies

Repair Shop Marketing campaign idea

University Automotive Case Study

Industry: Automotive Repair
Result: Our new customers per month doubled!
Dental Postcard Marketing Idea

Lakeshore Dental Associates Case Study

Industry: Dental Services
Result: 77 unique phone calls and over 250 clicks to their website!
Dance Studio Marketing Postcard idea

On The Edge Dance and Performing Arts Case Study

Industry: Dance/Gymnastics
Result: 28 unique phone calls and over 1,700 clicks through to their website!

Valley Cash Buyer Case Study

Industry: Real Estate Investment
Result: 21 unique phone calls and over 500 clicks from interested leads to their website!
Dental postcards ideas

Performance Dental Care Case Study

Industry: Dental Services
Result: Over 800 interested leads!
Dental Postcard Marketing Idea

Yelm Prairie Dental Case Study

Industry: Dental Services
Result: 111 phone calls and over 400 leads!!
Dental office Marketing Ideas

Laguna Dental and Orthodontics Case Study

Industry: Dental Services
Result: 176 phone calls!

RLS Tutoring Inc. Case Study

Industry: Education
Result: A projected income of $19K+ over the next two years – a 233% return on investment!
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Tanty Family Dental Case Study

Industry: Dental Services
Result: 349% more new patients after starting a consistent postcard campaign!

John Carpenter Case Study

Industry: Government/Politics
Result: He won his election by just 17 votes and attributes it to the online ads!
Realtor Marketing Postcard Idea

Blueberry Hill Holdings Case Study

Industry: Real Estate
Result: The follow-up ads convinced over 1,000 people to visit our site!
HVAC Postcard Marketing

Give Back HVAC Case Study

Industry: HVAC Marketing
Result: 14 new customers- $4,000 in immediate revenue!
Car Accessories Marketing

Elite Wheel & Tire Distributors

Industry: Automotive Accessories
Result: 60 calls and over 500 website visitors!
Vacation Rental Postcards

RealJoy Vacations

Industry: Real Estate
Result: We projected picking up 62 new properties by this time and we have actually picked up 83!
Dental Office Postcards

Carlson Dental

Industry: Dental Services
Result: Estimated long-term return of $22,000.
Tax Office Marketing Idea

Mehaffey Financial Services

Industry: Accounting/Taxes
Result: 50 responses and 30 NEW clients!
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Pride & Prejudoodles

Industry: Animal Services
Result: Our dogs DID sell out — we had to actually hire additional trainers so we could increase our output.
Real Estate Investor Postcards

First Stone Management

Industry: Real Estate
Result: 237 interested leads!
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Nelson Construction

Industry: Remodeling
Result: We generated over $1 million in revenue!
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