The Situation

The aftermath of storm season is nothing a GutterBrush cant handle, so the business minds behind this helpful home services tool wanted to run a postcard campaign that would get the word out about the GutterBrush. What else would they do besides turn to one of our marketing specialists to come up with a postcard campaign that would get them the customers they were looking for!

The Solution

When they heard the results we have achieved for other clients, GutterBrush decided to give DirectMail2.0 a try! This fully integrated service includes four features in one package that maximizes your marketing impact. Instead of just sending out a direct mail piece, DirectMail2.0 consists of these four tactics in one:

A direct mail campaign to generate the most amount of leads

Mail tracking so that you can correctly anticipate when your mailer will hit mailboxes

Call tracking to record and save all calls and conversations that come in as a direct results of your direct mail campaign

And the real bonus automated Google follow-up ads that track new visitors to your website that have been driven there by your postcard, showing them follow-up ads across millions of other sites as they continue browsing the internet and ensuring your business stays top-of-mind

GutterBrush provided us with their own mailing list, and we mailed 7000 postcards for them over a three month period.

The Results

With DirectMail2.0, GutterBrush received 80 new leads!

GutterBrush received 80 calls and 2600 website visitors that we were then able to follow with Google follow up ads. We cant wait to see the results they get with their next mailing!

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