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Real Estate Postcard Design

Direct mail postcards are a proven real estate marketing tool. At PostcardMania, we’ve helped more than 3,862 real estate professionals sell more homes using postcard campaigns that have ALREADY WORKED for our real estate clients.

If you’re looking for real estate marketing ideas, you’re in the right place! You can use any of these postcard designs for your business or customize them with your own logo and copy — or we can design one from scratch.

Call our marketing consultants at 1-800-628-1804 to talk about a real estate postcard campaign or any other aspect of realtor marketing — it’s FREE!

Customer Reviews

Florida Properties Marketing Group LLC

Awesome, I really love how you applied the changes! And the whole postcard overall, both of them are fantastic. I'm glad we used you guys, it's so great to have the benefit of people who know how to make everything look so amazing!

Sold Rock Properties, LLC, Cathy Pearce

I listed one house and when it sold, netted $10,069 — an ROI of 625.7%, which more than paid for the mailings. I have listed three houses in that community.

TexasCountryLivingRealty.Com, Jo Hancock

Thank you Andrea, you have been most helpful and I really appreciate everything everyone at PostcardMania has done for me

Shiloh Street, Josh Sanders

Even though I started this farm area this year, my ROI is still 350%. Next year will undoubtedly be even better (10x with the price range I mail to)!

Realty Executives, K. D.

I've used you for my postcards for ELEVEN years...that says something!!! :)

Eipper Realty, Jim Eipper

We closed two deals, which generated $4,000 using postcard marketing!

Blue Path Investments

23 calls and $16,000 in revenue in just 45 days!

Rookwood Management

Thank you very much. It looks perfect. It's a pleasure to work with you guys. from customer service to pricing. you guys made me feel like a unique customer.

Sutton Group-Seafair Realty

Thank you very much in designing a fantastic card. I really appreciate all the effort that has gone into our card. From Ryan, to Sarah, to the great design team that worked together to craft the card.

Coldwell Banker Quality Properties, Victoria Watson

Hi! These two ladies have been amazing! I wouldn’t have gotten anything accomplished if they had not walked me through doing everything step by step. I love the phone calls and the emails! Kudos!

Cali Dream Homes, Gabbriellea Frigo

everyone I've worked with has been amazing!

Metro Realty Solutions, Shah Mundell

Joy, Thank you for taking a look at my marketing pieces and then stepping in to help make things come together. You are an awesome owner and I love working with Carly Switzer. Much Appreciated!

Buy Lexington Homes

I'm getting a 1-2% response rate, and out of that I'm getting 1-2 sales through each mailing — deals are $5-10k each.

Remax, Randi Wisecup

Thanks Joy! This was our first time ordering postcards for our business and your staff has had amazing customer service throughout all of it, even with my 5000 emails and questions!

Grace Realty Partners, Amy

Hi guys, I just wanted to take a moment to thank you both for my recent order … getting lots of calls so far (32 calls so far — 3.2%, which you know is higher than the USPS reported average for direct mail!). Hoping we will get as many as 50 calls before the campaign is done! The cards look great and I appreciated your assistance. PostcardMania is the best!

Webb Real Estate, Bryan Webb

$45,000 in income! A 1,484% return on investment!

Mercer Real Estate

Received 10 responses from the cards and made $20,000 in revenue with another deal in the works.

John Lund

Hi Holly. Thought you might want to know we have picked up over $14,000.00 in jobs with your mailings, and as far as I'm concerned this is the worst time of the year for residential sales.

Triad Residential Solutions, Jim Williams

Sabrina was very helpful from the beginning in helping us get set up. She continues to follow up. [PostcardMania’s] tracking program is great because you can go onto the website and figure out exactly where you are in the campaign — whether it’s active or inactive. Those kinds of things really make a difference to me, and we were really pleased with the support system. We spend $30,000–$40,000 on postcard marketing. We make probably $150,000–$200,000 a year off of that campaign!

KangaRent, D. B.

I researched companies on the internet and I called a few different companies. I made my decision [to use PostcardMania] on how I felt speaking with the representative on the phone. I felt very comfortable and at ease.

Stanvik Properties

Everyone was helpful; information was communicated clearly and promptly.

RE/MAX Realtec Group, Donna L. Miller

I credit 2-3 sales per year due to my calendars which is approximately $20,000-$30,000 in income.


96 potential new customers!

Clear Summit Realty, Ken Jones

We initially chose PostcardMania because they are very people friendly and they have good pricing.

Cormorant Realty, Greg Anderson

I was extremely satisfied when I used your services. I will continue to use you in the future based on the excellent service from everyone we worked with in your organization.

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