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The Situation

This Real Estate Investor worked with our marketing experts to create a letter marketing campaign to generate qualified leads of homeowners looking to sell their properties.

The Solution

Together we created a personalized letter campaign that explained to each recipient exactly how easy it would be to sell their home to this investor.

Here’s why their letters were a success:

  • Easy to read bullet point explaining the process
  • Repeating the SAME letter design to each recipient to create consistency and familiarity
  • Displaying all of their contact information on the letter so it is obvious what the next steps are

The Results

2 new clients and an ROI of $1,446%!!!

This real estate investor received two clients from this marketing campaign and made a HUGE return on their investment. The success hinged on repetition! Mailing repeatedly to a qualified list was the key factor in the success of this campaign.

Interested in doing a similar campaign for your business? Call us and we will get you connected with a marketing consultant who has experience creating campaigns for other real estate investors!

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