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Dental Marketing Case Studies | Dental Marketing Ideas

Dental Case Studies

View dental postcards and get dental marketing tips from these case studies from real practice owners! See mailing lists, designs, frequency of mailings, and all details for proven-to-work dental marketing plans. Plus, each case study comes with easy-to-replicate tactics you can use for your dental advertising at VERY affordable pricing!

Kleinheinz Dentistry
18 (and counting) new patients and $7,000 in immediate revenue!
Comprehnsive Dentistry
3 new patients and $6,300 in revenue!
Buck County Orthodontics
10 new patients!
North Port Smiles
10 new patients with more pouring in!
Buffalo Park Dentistry
Busiest month to date!
Sunbrite Dental
increased in size from 4 chairs to 10!
Tallahassee Dental Specialists
…10 responses and converted 7 into new patients. Generated $20,537 in revenue so far!
Kleinheinz Dentistry
…a 87.5% increase in new patients and a 35% increase in revenue!
Coastal Dental Group
…they made $20,000 in revenue, which has already paid for the campaign and then some!
Smilecenter Plymouth
…they received 43 unique calls from their marketing campaign!
Summit Smiles Dental
the number of new patients increased even further to about 42 new patients per month!
Providence Dental
They spent $4,781 with postage included, and so far, they have made $44,768. That’s an 836% ROI!
Clement Family Dental
1,513 unique calls!
Sorriso Dental Arts, Inc.
Sorriso has been working with us for over 3 years now and in that time 80% of their sales have been generated by our postcard advertising!
Noble Oaks Dentistry
22 new patients in just one month!
Gaithersburg Dental Care
Over 200 new patients, doubling their new patients from last year!
Fort Worth Dental
144 new patients in just one month!
Steadfast Family Dental
64 new patients and an additional $65,000 in revenue!
Kaminski Dental Center
1,568 clicks to their website!
Taylor Made Smiles
24 unique phone calls and 152 clicks to their website!
Lakeshore Dental Associates
77 unique phone calls and over 250 clicks to their website!
Performance Dental Care
156 unique tracked calls!
Yelm Prairie Dental
111 phone calls and over 400 clicks through to their website!
Laguna Dental and Orthodontics
176 phone calls!
Tanty Family Dental
349% more new patients after starting a consistent postcard campaign!
Kingsburg Family Dental
254 phone calls!
Carlson Dental
Estimated long-term return of $22,000.
Dr. Mathew Berg
Consistently mailing 5,000 postcards a month and has received 125 phone calls!
New World Dentistry
100 phone calls and has only completed 80% of their campaign.
Grove Dental Group
Only completed 50% of their mailing campaign and have received 85 phone calls!
Sam Cowherd DDS Family Dentistry
319 prospect calls!
Borealis Dental
143% increase in monthly new patients
Kingsburg Family Dental
Northern Colorado Family Dentistry
128 prospective patient calls!
Village Green Dental
Hall Family Dentistry
We dont have any place to put more people right now, so were just working longer hours. Its a good problem to have!
Hutchins Dental
77 calls!
Carolina Dentistry At The State Line
93 calls
Dentistry For Today
45 calls!
Postcard Marketing Case Study
Auburn Family Dental
$402,095 in revenue a 2,079% ROI!
Sheri Glazer DDS
206 interested prospective patients!
Copper Bend Family Dental
185 interested prospective patients!
Oak Tree Dental
10-15 new patients per mailing!
Arcadia Dental
906% return on investment!
Dr. Michael Pierquet
Affinity Dental
Doubled their practice! Now sees about 75 new patients per month!
Cranford Dental
Theyve doubled their practice since 2009!
McLoud Family Dentistry
84 calls to their office from interested prospective patients!
Park City Dentistry
73 calls to their office!
Peak Family Dentistry & Orthodontics
In 6 months, a campaign revenue of $390,000 an ROI of 1,175%
Pezdek Dental Care
...176 calls, 50 new patients and $35,400 in immediate revenue
Kenneth Woo, DDS
Over 200 phone calls came in and another 1,600 people visited their website!
Isle Of Wight Family And Cosmetic Dentistry
Dr. Howard has gained 6,000+ clients and she attributes more than 25% of them to direct mail.
North Broad Family Dental
$37,000 a month in gross revenue directly from the postcards.
Dental Emergency Room
37 New Patients so far and $4800 in immediate income
34Th Street Dental
46 calls received so far!
Prairie Hawk Dental
DirectMail2.0 makes measuring success soooo much easier!
North Side Dental
The return on investment (ROI) has already been more than enough to justify the campaign!
Homestead Family Dental
Their campaign brought in 131 calls and counting!
Fontenot Family Dentistry
We generated $33,568 in revenue from our postcard mailings!
Riverside Family Dental
We generated $16,000 from our postcard marketing!
Salem Smiles Family Dentistry
We generated 14 new patients from our first 5,000 door-hangers!
Colleyville Dentistry
We generated 7 new patients and $7,200 in revenue from our postcards!
The Brace Place
We generated 2 new patients and $8,000-$9,000 in revenue from our postcard marketing!
Patuxent Dental
Were getting roughly 2,000 new patients a year
Central Park West Dentistry
We generate a 1000% Return on Investment with postcard marketing!
Stephen D. McCuin DDS
Acquired 6 new Invisalign patients, which brought in $5,500 in revenue each!
Missouri Dental Practice
We generated 128 new patients and $45,000 in revenue from our postcard mailings!
Bruce Young DMD
100 responses from 5,000 postcards mailed!
Randy Nolf DDS
136 calls and 160 website visitors generated from the postcards!
General Dentistry Office In Temple Texas
Acquired 229 patients, which generated more than $115,000 in revenue!
Pediatric Dentist
We generated 108 new patients, totaling $22,000 in revenue!
Lembach Dental
With dental postcard marketing, you have to keep in mind the lifetime value of each new patient your postcards bring in.
Lockhart Dentist
Reaching out to your current patients while bringing in new ones can take your practice to a whole new level.
Dr. Khanna DMD
Postcard marketing is versatile and can adapt over time to get you the best results possible.
Transitions Dental Company
We simply wanted to increase our patient base...
Albert Family Orthodontics
Every time we send out a mailing, we see an immediate response
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