The postcard had a light, earthy design. They used a light forest green as the main color against a white background and used light yellow and blue as accents. The headline read, Gentle, Friendly, Cosmetic Family Dentistry Orthodontics. Right away, prospects knew this dentist had a lot to offer them in the variety of services offered and the ability to treat the whole family at one place. The image they chose reinforced the family-centered nature of the practice. It showed multiple generations of a family (grandparents, parents and kids) all sitting in a field and smiling.

The Situation

Colleyville Dentistry is the dental practice of Dr. Dale Belnap, DDS. Since he functions as a dentist and orthodontist, he has a lot to offer his patients when it comes to dental care. What he needed help with was the promotion of all those great services. He consulted with our marketing experts to learn more about how well postcard marketing works for dentists and orthodontists.

The Solution

When he heard the results we have achieved for our other dentist and orthodontist clients, he decided to give postcards a chance. He purchased a mailing list containing 5,000 homes. The homes on the list all had a median annual income of more than $75,000, and they were located within a certain radius of Colleyville Dentistrys office. He mailed postcards to every home on the list 3 times a month to create repeated exposure with these quality prospects.

The Results

We generated 7 new patients and $7,200 in revenue from our postcards!

The postcard mailings were a big success! The postcards brought in 7 new patients, which generated $7,200 in revenue from their dental and orthodontic treatment!

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