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We get asked all the time what it’s like to work at PostcardMania. Here’s what we tell people…

First and foremost, PostcardMania is a collection of incredible Maniacs – we’re a team. We’re an “all hands on deck,” all tug on the same side of the rope, everyone’s responsible for creating an eye-poppingly successful company, Top Tampa Bay Workplace 7 years in a row… kind of place. We work industriously and efficiently, but also keep it really real. And fun.

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But don’t let our chill tone and effortless cool fool you – working here is no walk in the park! We only hire people who take pride in a job well done. We only hire people who aren’t afraid of a little mental (or physical) elbow grease. We’re not interested in the “entitled” class.

The long and short of it: If you produce, you’ll be recognized for it. If you slack, you won’t stick around long.

PostcardMania is the kind of place where you get your foot in the door wherever it can fit and plan to move up. Because you CAN move up. As high as you want really. (Except Joy’s job… probably.) Don’t believe us? Just ask these fast-rising Maniacs…

Sales Careers

Are you a natural extrovert? Are you ambitious, persistent and outgoing? We want you! PostcardMania sales reps enjoy an uncapped pay structure and make ZERO cold calls. Total compensation is $65-150k. If you’re interested in a sales job in Clearwater, check us out!

Stories from our Maniacs!

We Strive to be Healthy and Fit Maniacs!

One of the perks of working at PostcardMania is the support you’ll receive when you make healthy choices. We offer corporate discounts at several local gyms, including CrossFit Rebels, which is just two doors down! Many of our Maniacs use their lunch hour to work out (we have showers!), then come back and order a delicious Paleo meal from the PCM café! We also offer FREE on-site yoga twice a week! Working at PostcardMania makes it easy to get on — and stay on — a wellness path that you’re excited about.

Last, but in no imaginable way least…

One of our very firmest policies runs thusly: There shall be NO office politics. It is flat out forbidden to talk negatively about your teammates. Any needed correction is done with respect and care – not bullying or intimidation. And it works. Of our ~200 employees, 50+ have been here for more than five years and ~90 of them have been here more than two years.

Open Positions

Check out our open positions below! If you don’t see a position that quite fits your skillset or interest, let us know how you can make a difference here at PostcardMania by emailing You can also join us at our next Open House!

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Matt Burchard, Marketing Consultant

"Choosing to pursue a sales career with PostcardMania was a life changing career decision for me. This job is empowering, and being able to know that if you come in, put in the hours, and work hard – you’re rewarded and recognized for your hard work. I went from poverty to being a primary provider for my family in a matter of months. I’ve never worked at a place where the hours feel like minutes, and where there is NEVER a shortage of prospects and business owners interested in our services. The staff feels like family – my other co-workers are great friends, and everyone helps each other work towards a common goal… creating excellent marketing campaigns for business owners that help them thrive in today’s economy."
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