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Education Case Studies

View education postcard designs in these real education advertising campaigns! See mailing lists, designs, frequency of mailings, and all details for tried-and-true education advertisement examples. Plus, each case study comes with easy-to-replicate tactics you can use to generate more new students!

Hirsch Academy
7 enrollments and $49,000 in revenue!
PDH Engineer
Over 300 courses sold!
University of Arkansas Community College at Hope
100+ QR code applications!
Wyoming Cowboy Challenge Academy
200% increase in online enrollment!
St. Joseph Consolidated School
Enrollment is at max capacity for all but one or two grade levels!
Azalea Park Learning Center
10-15 new enrollments!
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Oasis Daycare
55 enrollments!
Inquiring Minds Learning Center, Inc
8 new students for $80,000 in tuition revenue!
Life Christian Academy
They have mailed about 12,000 postcards so far, resulting in about $6,000 per new student, totaling roughly over $120,000!
Successful Daycare Postcard
Elonda’s Day Care
They spent $3,740.27 with postage included, and from the responses have made $9,600 in immediate monthly revenue for a 156%+ ROI!
Successful Educational Postcard
Safe Site Education Center
After just one mailing, 25 kids have enrolled for an immediate 331% ROI!
Successful Education Postcard
The RISE Schools
…after one week, they received 178 tracked calls and counting!
Delphi Academy of Florida
In just one year of using Everywhere Small Business, we have seen a remarkable increase of 20% to 30% in our revenue here!
Noah’s Ark Workshop
677 calls to their call tracking number!
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Ste Jeanne d’Arc School
25 responses so far and from that they have enrolled 5 new students to the school. Each student's tuition is $5,700 and when school starts in the fall that will be $28,500 generated!
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Advanced College Funding Solutions
11 new clients after our 1st mailing!
Education home school marketing ideas
Texas Alternative Home School
The Catch and Close Campaign takes advantage of the views we are attaining and generates actual leads from it!
RLS Tutoring Inc.
A projected income of $19K+ over the next two years – a 233% return on investment!
Successful Private School Marketing Postcard
Village Green Day School
$25,000 in revenue— a 1,014% return on investment!
Successful School Postcard
St. Catholic Isidore School
50 guests RSVPed to their open house!
Bethlehem Christian Academy
1,009% return on investment!
Postcard Marketing Case Study
Pickaboo Day Care
2,870% return on investment!
Postcard Marketing Case Study
ABC Spectrum Preschool
8 new students from 2700 postcards!
Postcard Marketing Case Study
Dobson Academy
Enrolled 7 new students right away, with a tuition of $5000 per year!
Postcard Marketing Case Study
Grace Academy Preschool
These new students brought in almost $3,000 in added revenue to our school
Avalon School Of Music
$5,418 in new revenue each month!
Postcard Marketing Case Study
University Of Houston-Downtown
We generated 25 calls and $15,000 in revenue from our postcard mailings.
Mathnasium Of Lake Forest
Increased our clientele by 10x (130 new clients) in just 18 months!
Postcard Marketing Case Study
Annapolis Christian Academy
Added 820 prospects to our online follow-up list!
Postcard Marketing Case Study
St. Francis School
35 responses in the first two days!
Trinity Oaks Christian Academy
Generated new enrollments within days of mailing their campaign, setting them up for a strong return on investment!
Postcard Marketing Case Study
Behind The Wheel Driving School
More enrollments means more revenue and postcard marketing can deliver both quickly and consistently
Postcard Marketing Case Study
University Of North Carolina Greensboro
Just one postcard campaign before your next event can make a huge difference for increasing attendance and revenue.
Lakewood College
Doubled our enrollments and generated $1,800,000 in revenue!
Postcard Marketing Case Study
Perry Hall Christian School
Oftentimes for schools, even just 1 new student can pay for your marketing investment AND generate you a huge profit.
Postcard Marketing Case Study
Sylvan Learning Center
New students create long-term revenue for tutoring centers, so they produce big profits from the marketing investment required to get them.
ISchool Of Music And Art
We started using postcard marketing to increase the number of enrollments...
Amazing Creations Preschool
You can thrive even in a downturned economy through proactive lead generation using postcard marketing.
Postcard Marketing Case Study
Playtime Music Studios
The latest online marketing technology is great, but there will always be a place for the dependable results of direct mail postcards.
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