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The Situation

Dobson Academy is a charter/public school that caters towards children between kindergarten and 8th grade. They wanted to increase enrollment, so they came to PostcardMania for help coming up with a marketing strategy.

The Solution

We provided Dobson Academy with a mailing list that targeted homes with children aged 5 to 11 and with a household income of $35,000 to $150,000. They purchased 2,000 records and knowing the value of information, Dobson Academy signed up for DirectMail2.0 as well. This provided them with detailed statistics on their mailings and improved their website results. Here is what worked on their postcard:

– Relevant images that immediately convey the demographic and purpose of the academy (a school for young children).

– Bright blue colors that POP from the front of the postcard.

– An offer (FREE tour) that brings the customers to their location.

– A header, subhead and bullet points that flow together on the back of the postcard. The bullet points describe the BENEFITS of their academy.

This design was sent to their mailing list of 2,000 households three different times for maximum exposure. We always recommend repeat mailings as it increases the likelihood of a response, which worked very well for Dobson Academy.

The Results

Enrolled 7 new students right away, with a tuition of $5000 per year!

Did you take notes? Theres no quiz, but youll want to learn from this campaign. Dobson Academy toured many students and enrolled seven right away. Each student generates around $5,000 over the course of one year, meaning the lifetime value (how much revenue a customer will bring in during their entire time with the company) of each student is MUCH higher! DirectMail2.0 showed that their website was visited by nearly 4,000 prospects, resulting in their online advertisement being viewed 67,011 times! Do the mathdirect mail WORKS!

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