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What Is Drip Marketing? (And How Does It Work?)

Automated email follow-up turns prospects into buying customers

Things You’ll Need

A series of emails already written, programmed and ready to send out to your prospects to convince them to buy.

Prospects/Email Addresses
You will need a list of prospective customers and their email addresses.

How It Works

Automated Email Flow Chart
Step 1: Prospect A. has given you his email address.
At this point, you know that Prospect A. is at some level of interest in your product. Prospect A., like any new prospect, is now entered into day 1 of your Automated Email Follow-Up Campaign and will receive the first of a series of emails urging him to become your customer.Step 2: Prospect A. has received the first email.
A predetermined amount of days will now pass (in this example 3 days) and the second email will automatically be sent. This process will repeat. Prospect A. will receive emails automatically from you urging him in one way or another to become your customer.Step 3: Prospect A. becomes a customer.
At some point in the Automated Email Follow-Up Campaign, Prospect A. will get an email from you and decide to call in and order your product or service. Success!

Additional Prospects
Each new prospect will start on day 1 of the campaign, regardless of how long the campaign has been running and regardless of how many emails any other prospect has received.

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