What’s Your Customer’s Lifetime Value?

Find Out with This Easy-To-Use Calculator

Customer value can be tricky to define. The lifetime value of a customer is even more complex. That’s why we created this simple calculator. Now it’s easy to get the information you need to make informed marketing decisions.

Once you know the lifetime value of a customer, you’ll know how much you should spend on marketing. You’ll even discover if you make money, break even or lose money on your marketing.

Simply plug in your answers below and hit the “Calculate Results” button to get the lifetime value of your customers.

Use numbers without comma, decimal or number sign.

The average dollar amount of a new client's first order:
The average dollar amount of a client's reorder::
How many times per year does an average client buy from you?:
On average, how many years does a client continue doing business with you?:

Lifetime value of this customer:

Now you know that one new customer is worth $0 to your business, you will want to keep this in mind when planning your marketing. As long as you can obtain a new customer for less than $0, you will receive a positive return for your marketing dollars.


How many referrals do you get on average for every 10 existing clients:
Lifetime Value Including Referrals

Profit Margin

Enter the profit margin percentage:
Total Lifetime Profit of a New Client:
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