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Postcards For Real Estate Investors
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Postcards For Real Estate Investors
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Genius Real Estate Investors Postcard Templates

Our real estate investors postcard templates will generate leads and return on investment in your marketing strategy — specifically when mailed consistently! Our designs include We Buy Houses Cash Postcards, Yellow Letter Postcards, and many other postcards for real estate investors. Want a fully custom real estate wholesaling postcard? No problem! We can design from scratch a postcard for your business at a fraction of the cost of other trained graphic designers. Plus, you can get a FREE sample pack of our real estate investors postcard templates by just entering your email below. We’ll mail this sample pack straight to you, again 100% FREE!

Postcardmania Real Estate Investment Customer Reviews

The team at PCM is just that, a real team. They were responsive and moved the process along quickly and efficiently to get my cards to market.

I made the initial phone call and talked to the girls there. In the matter of a couple days I had a campaign up, a postcard design and a mailing list. We send out 15,000 postcards a month. The last mailing results in 500 phone calls and 13 sales, $97,000 in revenue. 3400% ROI. Now we're making between $60-100k a month and this is the only marketing we do. I would absolutely recommend PostcardMania to other businesses.

Very professional and easy to work with. The quality of their cards is top-notch.

I'm getting a 1-2% response rate, and out of that I'm getting 1-2 sales through each mailing — deals are $5-10k each.

PostcardMania has been so easy to work with! I really appreciate your style/communication. Jives with me 😊

23 calls and $16,000 in revenue in just 45 days!

We were using seo and it wasn’t leading to the results we wanted for the money we were spending so we looked into sending postcards to attract new clients. The issue was we had a generic website that was included in a software that we use to run our business and it was very functional but wasn't the store front look we wanted to attract new customers. We decided to go with Postcardmania because they could be a one stop shop for us. They made us a great new website, designed beautiful postcards that will be sent out tomorrow, and the staff has some of the best customer service in the industry (we worked with Mckenzie Allen). We cannot comment on the effectiveness on the postcards yet but the website is wonderful and so are the people at Postcardmania. Highly recommended.

I've been working with them for two years and they are large enough to have systems in place and humble enough to provide one on one customer service

Timely follow ups, prompt email returns, trust building attitudes, relevant and professional communications, excellent service overall.

I was extremely pleased with the ordering process and responsiveness of the team. Easy to work with and a great value. I will continue doing business here.

Everyone was helpful; information was communicated clearly and promptly.

PostcardMania should be your go to for marketing!! There professionalism and knowledge within the marketing industry is top shelf. They have dedicated teams to help you with everything from design layout, Facebook ads, Instagram ads, online banner ads, and follow up emails put in place that make it a 100% done for you system... The only thing holding your company back is YOU!! Stop procrastinating and drop the money in marketing!! This company will help you see new growth by creating a professional, one of a kind done for you marketing campaign.

everyone I've worked with has been amazing!

We received 16 phone calls and 150 visits to our website.

Laura at PostcardMania / Rocket Print & Mail is awesome! Excellent service. Great pricing. Quick and easy communication. Incredible experience so far!!

PostcardMania provides a quality product, amazing prices and impeccable customer service every time. I particularly like their mail-tracking software, so I can see exactly when my mail is hitting mailboxes. No more wondering if the mail ever got delivered. I'm so glad I switched over to these guys!

Laura has been amazing at getting us up and running and making sure our weekly mailing go out the door on time!

We get 50 new leads from every mailing.

I have 2 campaigns running currently and it's been really smooth, The design folks are amazing. They take my raw vision and bring it to life in a tangible postcard.. I like it.

Awesome, I really love how you applied the changes! And the whole postcard overall, both of them are fantastic. I'm glad we used you guys, it's so great to have the benefit of people who know how to make everything look so amazing!

Kayla and James made this process super easy. I have three rounds of postcards set to mail, and bought the facebook and google followups. The interface is easy to use and figure out. Both Kayla and James were very responsive and helpful. I never had to wait long to get a reply. The postcard design was very nice, they use information and options from past successful campaigns in similar fields to design the post cards. I like the tracking information available. Looking forward to seeing the success of the campaign.

My experience with Postcardmania was great, ty very much. I'm looking forward to do a lot of business with you and your company in the near future.

Thank you Andrea, you have been most helpful and I really appreciate everything everyone at PostcardMania has done for me

I have had a great experience with PostcardMania! I'm a small fish when it comes to direct mail, but I have never felt that way. They are always very responsive with emails and phone calls! I also really like the mail tracking software! Thank you

I was working with another company out of California, and they were having some issues with our marketing … it came to be quite a hassle to deal with them. They started charging us extra fees for this and extra fees for that. Sabrina was very helpful from the beginning in helping us get set up. She continues to follow up. [PostcardMania’s] tracking program is great because you can go onto the website and figure out exactly where you are in the campaign — whether it’s active or inactive. Those kinds of things really make a difference to me, and we were really pleased with the support system.

I send out 15,000 postcards per month (it’s the ONLY marketing I do) which brings in $60,000-$100,000 per month — a 3,421% return on investment!

Super impressed by PostcardMania. As a small business owner it is difficult to navigate marketing in today's direct / electronic marketing. Being a pretty hands on guy I looked at a Pitney Bowes machine to do my own stamping, then looked at post cards, labels, and even dabbled with Facebook marketing. When I discovered what PostcardMania offered a combined solutions with in-house experts I was completely amazed and impressed. The entire process is seamless and simple. Doing all of this on my own would have cost far more than working with PostcardMania. Aside of the process, I love the people. I have never felt pressured to buy any service or add-on. A simple suggestion gets my mind moving and they answer questions, provide no nonsense quotes and they let me decide. If my answer is no, then no big deal. If I answer yes, they just right on it and get to work for me! As a small business I have my own fantastic marketing team just an email or phone call away. I look forward to growing my business with this group!

Had a great experience with postcard mania, especially with Madison Cowen. She was extremely helpful and nailed the postcard design!

Can't say enough about the folks here at Postcard Mania. More that just postcards they offer very reasonable web services as well. Working with McKenzie on my website was super easy. She gave me a template to fill out then she came back with a design. After a few very minor changes we went live. She even added my Google Analytics code. I truly appreciate Emily for all the wise advice on mailers, and Ashley for ensuring that my postcards and mailing lists are dialed in. I'm so glad I don't have to do all of this on my own, and the prices are by far the best I have found for a full integrated service with Mail, Google, Facebook and Website. Thank you all for your hard work and dedication, its like having my own marketing department!

PostcardMania helped jump start our direct mail campaign! Using their services we were able to distribute professional, but friendly and inviting letters to potential clients. One customer even stated this is the first piece of mail he'd ever responded to in regards to his real estate, because of the quality of the letter.

Received 10 responses from the cards and made $20,000 in revenue with another deal in the works.

Call or Text a Marketing Consultant 1-800-628-1804
Call or Text a Marketing Consultant 1-800-628-1804