Insurance Postcards

General Insurance Direct Mail Samples

ID: INS-GEN-1000
ID: INS-GEN-1004
ID: INS-GEN-1006
ID: INS-GEN-1009
ID: INS-GEN-1011
ID: INS-GEN-1014
ID: INS-GEN-1015
ID: INS-GEN-1016
ID: INS-GEN-1017
ID: INS-GEN-1018
ID: INS-GEN-1019
ID: INS-GEN-1020

Property Insurance Postcards

ID: INS-PRO-1001
ID: INS-PRO-1003
ID: INS-PRO-1007
ID: INS-PRO-1008
ID: INS-PRO-1009
ID: INS-PRO-1010
ID: INS-PRO-1011
ID: INS-PRO-1012
ID: INS-PRO-1013
ID: INS-PRO-1014

Commercial/Business Insurance

ID: INS-BUS-1001
ID: INS-BUS-1004
ID: INS-BUS-1005
ID: INS-BUS-1007
ID: INS-BUS-1010
ID: INS-BUS-1012
ID: INS-MSI-1005

Health Insurance Postcards

ID: INS-HEA-1004
ID: INS-HEA-1007
ID: INS-HEA-1008

Life Insurance Postcards

ID: INS-LIF-1000
ID: INS-LIF-1001
ID: INS-LIF-1002
ID: INS-LIF-1003

Annuities Postcards

ID: INS-ANN-1000
ID: INS-ANN-1001
ID: INS-ANN-1002

Medicare Supplement Insurance Postcards

ID: INS-MSI-1000
ID: INS-MSI-1001
ID: INS-MSI-1002
ID: INS-MSI-1003
ID: INS-MSI-1004

Final Expense Insurance Postcards

ID: INS-FEI-1000
ID: INS-FEI-1001
ID: INS-FEI-1002

Auto Insurance Postcards

ID: INS-AUT-1000
ID: INS-AUT-1001
ID: INS-AUT-1002
ID: INS-AUT-1003
ID: INS-AUT-1004

Proven Marketing for Insurance Agents and Brokers

There is no need for “shot in the dark” marketing. We have worked with hundreds of insurance agents and insurance brokers, and we have tracked the data from all of those campaigns. Above you’ll find examples of the direct mail postcards our actual clients have used with spectacular results. You can use any design you see for your own business and customize it with your logo. Or, if you prefer, we can design you a brand new postcard from scratch. Simply use the arrows to scroll through the gallery, and don’t forget to further your marketing education with the amazing resources at the bottom of the page!

Postcardmania Insurance Customer Reviews

$4,000 in immediate revenue!

We had great success with our first mailing and we are at almost full capacity!

Samantha, Everything went just as you said that it would. Luke was great to work with. Thanks again, Calvin

I wasn't hitting my numbers the way I wanted and was looking for a way to close the gap. PostcardMania for us rocks. We love them. It all went seamless. The cards went out and the phone started ringing. I met my numbers!

We chose PostcardMania because of the excellent product, service, and value.

5-10 responses per mailing, generating $250-$1,000, depending on the policy.

This campaign had tremendous immediate results -- within one week we had received 10-15 calls from their postcards! On average, every 5,000-card campaign brings in about $20,000 in business!

Looks good to go! Haley was great to work with!!

Sent out 6,000 cards, 20 to 30 people responded, and about half of them turned into customers - generating about $10,000 in revenue!

Used PostcardMania since 2008. After our first mailing, one of the first accounts we sold was over $150,000! The results on our campaigns have always been very successful. Our return on investment averages about 225%, and we always get at least one very large account each year. The campaigns have made us one of the largest professional liability providers in Georgia and Florida.

I was "blown away" by the quality of the employees at PostcardMania. Everyone was so helpful and pleasant to work with. Susan Tibbs did a wonderful job of helping me set up my program. I have referred her out to other agents. The response absolutely shocked us. We wrote so much high quality business. It allowed us to exceed our year end numbers! I will be spending another $10,000 in September. Keep up the good work!

Maggie, I have to tell you that your customer service skills are AMAZING!!! Of all of the companies I have contacted for our different projects, you are the only person who doesn't seem like their life is about to end. So thank you so much! I wish I could tell your supervisor and you get a raise, a promotion, something. Good luck!

I am so impressed. You use just the right amount of marketing, not overkill. When I need more marketing services, I will be seeking out PostcardMania.

After distributing 3,500 door hangers, we got 15 new customers... a 2,701% return on investment!

$6,000 a month in premiums!

Thank you both Jennifer and Gabriella! You did a great job!

The postcards got 8-10 responses per mailing, generating $3,000-$5,000!

I LOVE IT!!! Clean and simple, exactly what I wanted!

114 potential new customers!

We have enjoyed a great deal of success so far in our efforts with your company. Our response rate is running 3-4 times what I am told is the normal .5 – 1% response rate for similar mailings. This of course, is very good for our business and is providing a key component to our growth plans. We look forward to continuing this program and just wanted to say thanks!!

Just wanted to thank you for the great job on our postcards. They look wonderful!

You guys are efficient! and nice to work with! and good at what you do!

The postcard campaign with Postcard Mania was one of the best moves for our business we made this year. Not only was the service above and beyond what we expected, and the postcard design absolutely stunning, our business has absolutely exploded since sending them out. In fact, about four weeks after the postcards went out, our average number of website hits tripled, as you can see from the attached graph. Our Sales Manager has never seen as many leads as we have coming in right now. We know the successful action! More postcards!

I have viewed the proofs and it looks good. I am impressed with the work y'all did. Let's move forward to print.

Had 120 people attend our dinner, and those leads eventually generated $30,000 for our business!

Happy holidays Darcy! We had a great year, and with the help of you, And PostcardMania, our cards really paid off. will probably be looking to update our cards sometime in spring, So look forward to working with you again.

FYI - Your company's follow up is fantastic. I've received multiple emails, calls and a packet in the mail with sample post cards. I liked the email about the CEO the most. Please tell everyone they are doing a great job.

Got 12 responses right away from the postcards, generating $2,400 in immediate revenue!

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