About PostcardMania

Founded in 1998, PostcardMania is committed to doing small business marketing better.

Today PostcardMania is a rapidly expanding, Inc. 500 marketing firm with over 320 staff, operating on a 69,800 square-foot campus in sunny Clearwater, FL. We produce millions of postcards each week, as well as delivering online advertising through Google & Facebook.

See the inside of PostcardMania here: www.postcardmania.com/about-postcardmania/.

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About Joy Gendusa

Founded by CEO Joy Gendusa in 1998, the success of PostcardMania isn’t thanks to capital funding or glamorous partnerships, but good old fashioned ingenuity, hard work, and of course, marketing.

PostcardMania began as a tiny startup in a 600-square foot cottage in Clearwater, FL, after Joy personally experienced a customer service nightmare with another commercial printer.

After doing business with a printer who had the audacity to print their contact number on her postcards (a major conflict of interest), she declared she would start her own direct mail marketing firm, she would never print her phone number on her clients’ postcards, and she’d call her company PostcardMania. Yup, it was that quick!

Read the details of Joy Gendusa evolving PostcardMania here: www.postcardmania.com/about-joy/.

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PostcardMania’s Mission

PostcardMania’s firm belief is that when small business owners win, the entire American economy wins.

And considering the economy is comprised of over 27 million small businesses, this is less a catchy mantra, but more so a serious reality. Now more than ever, small business owners cannot gamble with their precious and hard-won marketing dollars, but MUST invest in growth strategies proven to generate new customers, return on investment, and bottom line boosts.

Read PostcardMania’s full mission statement here: www.postcardmania.com/about-postcardmania/mission-statement/.

PostcardMania's Mission

Social Responsibility

PostcardMania’s company culture has been ranked as a Top Tampa Bay Workplace for 7 years in a row. Between lively staff meetings, fun contests, holiday potlucks, and dress-up days, PostcardMania isn’t just a place to work — it’s a place to belong.

PostcardMania supports social causes that make being an employee and a client mean more than just doing business. In fact, PostcardMania has donated more than 2.5 million postcards to nonprofit organizations since 2005.

To learn more about PostcardMania’s social responsibility visit: www.postcardmania.com/social-responsibility/.

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Friends of PostcardMania

In addition to PostcardMania’s social responsibility endeavors, we have partnered with over 100 community organizations to foster awareness of their efforts, fundraise for their causes, and support the people they help.

Learn more about how we support the Tampa Bay community here: www.postcardmania.com/about-postcardmania/friends-of-postcardmania/.

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