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Joy Gendusa - Owner & CEO

PostcardMania’s purpose is to help people — business owners, company and corporate executives and entrepreneurs — succeed in business by providing them the ultimate in marketing. Our marketing solutions put business owners in the driver’s seat of their own expansion through direct mail marketing, postcard marketing, website development, Google pay-per-click ads, social media management, and email drip campaigns. The higher goal of PostcardMania is to strengthen the U.S. economy by helping small business owners grow and prosper, and that's why we ONLY promote the marketing methods we personally know will work to grow small businesses.

"This kind of [customer] success is typical for Joy Gendusa."
- Entrepreneur Magazine

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Before Joy had a nationally recognized marketing company that employs 200+ “Maniacs,” she was just a lady with a computer who had a passion for helping people grow their businesses with postcard marketing. When she started out, Joy believed marketing advice should be FREE and that full-color postcards should be WAY more affordable for everyday business owners. Those principles hold true today — in fact, they’re part of how PostcardMania has helped 118,342 clients in over 20 years!

"Direct mail never died, it just needed an upgrade."
- Entrepreneur Magazine

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PostcardMania doesn't just print and mail millions of postcards every week — we’re a full service marketing company that operates on one solid truth: You need to market more than you even think you do in order to grow your business (and bottom line) in today’s economy. Joy learned this lesson the hard way. Twice in the past she lessened her marketing only to watch her revenue plummet. Never again! And that’s what we tell business owners: when you increase your marketing while tracking what exactly produces leads, you’re sure to see your business and income soar!

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