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Real Estate Investor Case Studies | Yellow Postcards

Valley Cash Buyer Case Study
21 unique phone calls and over 500 clicks from interested leads to their website!
North Carolina Real Estate Investor: Case Study
2 new clients and an ROI of $1,446%!!!
Blueberry Hill Holdings Case Study
The follow-up ads convinced over 1,000 people to visit our site!
Illini Home Buyer
54 calls and 4 deals — $40,000 in revenue!
First Stone Management
23 unique tracked calls!
BMB Property Solutions
82 responses = $20,000 in revenue — a 316% ROI!
Barr Properties
$60,000 in revenue — a 24,674% ROI!
Buy Memphis Now
Bought 3 houses — generated $25,000 in revenue!
Hardy Real Estate And Investments
The postcards work so well, they continue to mail several times a month!
Capital Match
3,421% return on investment (ROI)!
Metroplex Homebuyers
50 new leads from every mailing!
Mercer Real Estate
20,000 in revenue!
Equity Resource
414 interested leads!
Blue Path Investments
190% return on investment!
Solid Rock Properties, LLC
They received 16 phone calls and had 150 people visit their website.
Buy Lexington Homes
Im getting a 1-2% response rate, and out of that Im getting 1-2 sales through each mailing deals are $5-10k each.
Triad Residential Solutions
Check out what this company's ROI was with their postcard marketing campaign!
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