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Real Estate Investor Marketing Case Studies | Real Estate Investor Marketing Ideas

Real Estate Investor Case Studies

View proven-to-work real estate investor marketing ideas including tried-and-true real estate investor postcards! See actual mailing lists, real estate investor postcard templates, frequency of mailings, and all the details of REAL real estate investor advertising campaigns! Plus, each case study features steal-worthy real estate investor mailers which you can mail all year long!

CATO Land Solutions
So many leads coming in had to put the campaign on hold!
Briar Equity
bought 8 new properties so far! Made about $10,000 per property!
Global Citizens Holdings – Land Scouts
…they tracked 94 unique calls and secured 20 new deals under contract! They saw a 6,950% ROI from their combined postcard and digital ad campaign!
Valley Cash Buyer
21 unique phone calls and over 500 clicks from interested leads to their website!
North Carolina Real Estate Investor
2 new clients and an ROI of $1,446%!!!
Blueberry Hill Holdings
The follow-up ads convinced over 1,000 people to visit our site!
Illini Home Buyer
54 calls and 4 deals — $40,000 in revenue!
First Stone Management
23 unique tracked calls!
BMB Property Solutions
82 responses = $20,000 in revenue — a 316% ROI!
Barr Properties
$60,000 in revenue — a 24,674% ROI!
Buy Memphis Now
Bought 3 houses — generated $25,000 in revenue!
Hardy Real Estate And Investments
The postcards work so well, they continue to mail several times a month!
Capital Match
3,421% return on investment (ROI)!
Metroplex Homebuyers
50 new leads from every mailing!
Mercer Real Estate
20,000 in revenue!
Equity Resource
414 interested leads!
Blue Path Investments
190% return on investment!
Solid Rock Properties, LLC
They received 16 phone calls and had 150 people visit their website.
Buy Lexington Homes
Im getting a 1-2% response rate, and out of that Im getting 1-2 sales through each mailing deals are $5-10k each.
Triad Residential Solutions
Check out what this company's ROI was with their postcard marketing campaign!
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