The Situation

Atkins & Co. is a real estate investment company located in Aledo, TX. They needed a way to attract more homeowners interested in selling their properties, so they came to PostcardMania for marketing help.

The Solution

The 4.25” x 6” postcard included the following features:

  • A clear headline and photo to instantly let the recipient know what the message is about
  • Benefits listed on the postcard, such as avoiding fees and closing costs, skipping the headache of repairs, and a fast and easy process
  • Personal photos of the owners
  • A five-star review

We mailed 29,426 postcards to Aledo, TX area residents who have lived in their home for 10 years or more, and had a home value at $350,000 or more. The postcards were mailed out twice a month in batches of about 5,000.

The Results

They generated $60,000 in revenue!

Fourteen people called in, and Atkins & Co. closed 3 contracts, amounting to $60,000 in revenue!

Over the past 6 months, they have continued mailing postcards out twice a month. They have purchased 72,000 more postcards and are expecting even greater financial gains in the future.

Interested in doing a similar campaign for your business? Call us and we will get you connected with a marketing consultant who has experience creating campaigns for other real estate professionals.

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