Case Studies

Marketing Case Studies

Check out our marketing case study examples to learn valuable lessons about how direct mail marketing can grow your business!
These examples of marketing success are sure to inspire and motivate you to take your marketing and business to the next level!

Accounting/Taxes Case Studies

Vickery Tax and Accounting
30 new clients and $12,000 in income!
Capacity Bookkeeping
New clients with a lifetime value of $15,000!
Successful Tax Relief Postcard
Pocono Tax Relief
They spent $2,131.75 with postage included, and so far, they have made roughly $17,000. That’s a 697% ROI!

Advertising/Marketing Case Studies

Advertising postcard idea
Wholesale Digital Signs
WDS received 4 phone calls after the initial 5,000 postcard mail drop. They have since closed two deals with two more pending and have made $34,500 in revenue!

Animal Services Case Studies

Successful Animal Service Postcard
Collar City Animal Hospital
…they got 18-30+ new patients in one month, adding $3,000-$4,500 a month in revenue!
Aldine Mail Route Animal
Increased our revenue by 30%!
Abbey Animal Hospital Direct Mail Advertising Case Study:
Abbey Animal Hospital received 86 phone calls!

Appliance/Equipment Repair Case Studies

Guardian Machine Protection
$16,000 in revenue!
King Range Postcard
King Range, Inc.
We receive 3-4 customers each time we mail our postcard!
Appliance Repair Advertising
We generated 12-15 new customers and brought in $2,400-$3,000 in revenue from our postcard marketing!

Art Case Studies

Successful Educational Postcard
Village Green Day School
They spent $3,026.70 with postage included, and they have made around $8,000 in annualized income. That’s a 164% ROI!

Automotive Accessories Case Studies

Car Accessories Marketing
Elite Wheel & Tire Distributors
60 calls and over 500 website visitors!
Postcard Marketing Case Study
Cruiser Customizing
We generated 18 responses and $3,815 in revenue from our postcards!

Automotive Repair Case Studies

Tilden Repair Service
100 calls in one mailing!
Anacortes Automotive
$60,577 in revenue!
Successful Auto Repair Postcard
KA RV Repair
They spent $9,328.18 with postage included, and so far, they have made roughly $118,897.40. That’s a 1,175% ROI!"

Automotive Sales Case Studies

Postcard Marketing Case Study
Sunrise Auto Sales Inc
We generated 30 leads and 3 sales from our postcard campaigns!

Banking Case Studies

Postcard Marketing Case Study
American Community Bank
We generated 250 new accounts and $17,000,000 in deposits from our postcard marketing!

Beauty Services Case Studies

Postcard Marketing Case Study
Ultimate Creations Inc
They have made $204,199.51 in revenue!!
Postcard Marketing Case Study
Beri Esthetique
10-12 customers returned for services!
Successful Beauty Service Postcard
Hair By Katy
…45 new clients so far!

Business Services Case Studies

Successful Business Services Postcard
Kentucky Chamber
$7,500 in immediate revenue!
Postcard Marketing Case Study
First Choice Business Brokers
$22,500 in revenue a 543% ROI!
Postcard Marketing Case Study
103 interested leads!

Carpet Cleaning Case Studies

Successful Carpet Cleaner Postcard
Levenstein’s Carpet
60 campaign responses and $20,000!

Charity/Fundraising Case Studies

Postcard Marketing Case Study
Beach Haven
A 285% return on investment!
National Charity Services
You can't underestimate the impact of photos for reinforcing your charity's marketing message.

Chiropractic Case Studies

Postcard Marketing Case Study
Jersey City Wellness Center
Generated two to three new patients every week that they mailed postcards
Postcard Marketing Case Study
Adjust Chiropractic
Adjust Chiropractic generated $29,311.29 in income!
Postcard Marketing Case Study
North Arkansas Chiropractic
They received 10 calls and 336 visitors to their website!

Cleaning Services Case Studies

Golden Rule Cleaning
Nearly doubled yearly revenue!
Successful Cleaning Service Postcard
booked 8 new jobs, which generated $10,000 in revenue!
Gutters Postcard Marketing Ideas
Sugar Land Rain Gutters
Doubled their monthly revenue since starting postcard marketing 6 months ago!!

Clothing/Apparel Case Studies

Luna Luz
When we mail out the cards, we'll immediately get some orders in for whatever it is that we had on the card.
Beau Brummel
It's just as important to stay connected with your current customers, as it is to bring in new ones.

Communications Case Studies

Postcard Marketing Case Study
Affordable Phone
It's not just the postcards that get results. It's the direct mail marketing strategies we've learned over 20 successful years in the industry.

Computers/Software Case Studies

tech postcard idea
Milc Group
Their monthly income from the campaign has been $3,000, and their yearly income from the campaign is predicted to be $36,000 so far!

Construction Case Studies

Integrum Construction
5 responses and $800,000 in income!!
N-R-G Foam
14 leads and $20,000 in revenue!!
Postcard Marketing Case Study
The Tradesmen LLC
They spent $2,922.12 with postage included, and so far, they have made about $36,000. That’s a 1,132% ROI!

Dance/Gymnastics Case Studies

Postcard Marketing Case Study
6 Steps Before the Lord
6 new students!
Dance Studio Marketing Postcard idea
On The Edge Dance and Performing Arts
28 unique phone calls and over 1,700 clicks through to their website!
Postcard Marketing Case Study
Dance Expressions
100 new students!

Dental Lab Case Studies

Rite Smile Dental Laboratory
27 new clients with an immediate $27,000 generated!
Successful Dental Lab Postcard
Seretti Dental Laboratory
They spent $2,833.78 with postage included, and so far, they have made $15,000 for a 429% ROI!
Successful Dental Lab Postcard
Best Value Ceramics
30 responses and $14,000 in income!

Dental Services Case Studies

Bright Star Dental
10 new patients!
Freedom Dental of Fort Myers
6 new patients from one mailing!
Dellavecchia Dental Services
Fully booked for an entire year!

Dry Cleaning/Laundry Case Studies

Postcard Marketing Case Study
Yates Dry Cleaning
Yates Dry Cleaning received 50 new customers, and their campaign has already paid for itself

Education Case Studies

Wyoming Cowboy Challenge Academy
200% increase in online enrollment!
St. Joseph Consolidated School
Enrollment is at max capacity for all but one or two grade levels!
Azalea Park Learning Center
10-15 new enrollments!

Electric/Energy Case Studies

Greenlife Energy Solutions
33 responses and 21 conversions!
Heat Cool Smart Brooklyn
25 responses and 5 conversions!
Greenscape Environmental Services
50 appointments set with a 100% conversion rate!

Electrical Case Studies

Successful Electrical Postcard
Lexington Outdoor Lighting
...a week after they mailed postcards, they locked in $21,000 in contracts! That’s a 1,960% ROI!
Electrical direct mail idea
Craft Electric Company
Craft Electric received around 20 phone inquiries and converted about 10 of those into customers, generating more than $10,000 in revenue!

Financial Services Case Studies

Postcard Marketing Case Study
Westside Medical Billing
They spent $918 with postage included, and so far, they will make $12,000 this year. That’s a 1,207% ROI!
Postcard Marketing Case Study
Advanced College Funding Solutions
…388 responses because of their campaign. 26 Signed up for College Financial Packages!
Financial seminar postcard Idea
United Capital
150 attendees to 4 seminars!

Fitness Case Studies

Successful Weight Loss Postcard
ThinTech Wellness
They spent $4,312.42 with postage included, and so far, they have made $20,000. Their ROI is 363%!
Postcard Marketing Case Study
Anytime Fitness
We generated 20 responses and 4 registrations in just 2 weeks with our postcards!
Postcard Marketing Case Study
Sentara Center For Health & Fitness
We've generated $9,600 in revenue from our postcard campaigns!

Formalwear Case Studies

Postcard Marketing Case Study
Top Hat Tuxedo
They received 77 unique phone calls with the average cost of a rental at $141 each
Postcard Marketing Case Study
After 5 Tuxedo
Postcards don't just generate leads. They build your company's reputation in all facets using proven marketing strategies.

Furniture Case Studies

Successful Furniture Store Postcard
Cardinal Selling Services
They spent $2,695.00 with postage included, and so far, they have made roughly $18,000. That’s a 568% ROI!
Postcard Marketing Case Study
St. Charles Office Furniture
Small businesses have to go with the marketing that works. For this furniture company, it's marketing postcards.
Postcard Marketing Case Study
Verlo Mattress Factory
Looking to boost sales during a big retail event? Nothing beats the return on investment generated by direct mail postcards.

Grocer Case Studies

Successful Grocer Postcard
Hudson Greene Market
50 responses and $12,000 in income!
Successful Grocer Postcard
Williamson Farmer’s Market
the phones rang off the hook one week after the postcards hit the mail!

Health & Nutrition Case Studies

Doubled landing page traffic!
total-health-Postcard idea
Total Health Foundation
To date they’ve gained about 20 new customers, with a number of those becoming regulars!

Hearing Aids Case Studies

Successful Hearing Aids Postcard
They spent $13,707.69 with postage included, and so far, they have made approximately $66,000. That’s a 381% ROI!
Postcard Marketing Case Study
Anonymous Hearing Aid Company
The company closed two sales right away, earning $4,000 EACH
Postcard Marketing Case Study
Hearing Aid Academy
We generated 12 responses and $9,000 in revenue from our postcard mailings!

Home Inspection Case Studies

Home inspection postcard idea
Vannier Home Inspections
50-137 inspections a month!

Home Services Case Studies

Curb Appeal Solutions LLC
$10,000 in revenue!
Topline Heavy LLC
One mailing brought in 4 clients!
HPI Building Renovations
Constant flow of leads!

HVAC Marketing Case Studies

Full Service Heating and Air LLC
860 online clicks & $150,000 in revenue!!
Hoffman Heating and Cooling
They have mailed about 5,000 postcards so far, resulting in about 2 to 3 calls per day!
Successful HVAC Company Postcard
Suburban Heating and Cooling
80-100 responses roughly bringing in $40,000!

Insurance Case Studies

Integrity Insurance
50-75 responses generating $10,000!
Brian Penner
He made roughly $40,000 for a 345% ROI!
Fuller Insurance
They spent $4,364.96 with postage included, and so far, they have made roughly $25,000. That’s a 473% ROI!

Janitorial Supply Case Studies

Successful Janitorial Supplier Postcard
Smith’s Janitorial Supply
5 new clients and $3,500 in immediate revenue!

Jewelry Case Studies

Successful Jeweler Postcard
Trenton Jewelers
They spent $7,068.43 with postage included, and so far, they have made roughly $100,000. That’s a 1,315% ROI!
Successful Jeweler Postcard
Le Joaillier Fine Jewelry
They spent $2,953.74 with postage included, and so far, they have made roughly $10,000. That’s a 239% ROI!
Gold Vampire
Gold Vampire made around $15,000 during their holiday sale which they attribute to the postcard campaign!

Landscaping Case Studies

Joe Haul
An estimated $60,000 in revenue!
Grass Life USA (Dwight Lawn Service)
$25,000 generated
Cochran Lawn Care
3 new clients and $3,900 in immediate revenue!

Manufacturing Case Studies

Tech postcard idea
Machine Tech Enterprises
Machine Tech Enterprises…gained a total of 1,347,216 Ad Displays on Google!
Postcard Marketing Case Study
Manufacturing Company
With 2 months still to go, theyve already surpassed that goal with 14 new clients and over $13k in income!

Martial Arts Case Studies

Rodger’s Taekwondo Academy
14 new students!
Postcard Marketing Case Study
Super Kicks
The new students who came in off of their postcard mailings will generate $2,100 per month for Super Kicks!
Postcard Marketing Case Study
Success Martial Arts
Keeping a database of your customers and leads gives you a great mailing list to use for postcard marketing.

Medical Services Case Studies

THE Health and Wellness Centers
26 new patients!
Express Medical Imaging
300 new patients
Platte River Foot & Ankle
10 new patients!

Mobile Home Services Case Studies

Successful Home Services Postcard
Quality Mobile Home Services
$604,000 in revenue!

Mortgage Case Studies

Easy Street At Nexa Mortgage
2 mailings already generated $12,000!
Washington Mortgage Broker
97% closing rate and an approximate $100,000 in revenue!
Successful Mortgage Broker Postcard
True Path Loans
15-20 responses with 10-12 conversions!

Moving/Storage Case Studies

Jersey Shore Movers
$240,000 in revenue!
Vector Moving & Storage
They generated roughly $22,500!
moving and storage postcard idea
Roadrunner Moving
…Roadrunner Moving has received 10 calls and has converted 3 of them into bookings, resulting in $25,000!

Music Case Studies

Voice Lessons
…their minutes per day of teaching has skyrocketed to over 10,000!
Robertson Piano Services
…99 new appointments so far from the campaign!
music program travel letter idea
Music Festivals and Tours
They receive 2 to 3 applications per day and notice a direct correlation between mail volume and increases in revenue!

Optometry Case Studies

Successful Optometry Postcard
Modern Eyes at Alafaya
10 responses and all converted into patients!
Optometry direct mail idea
Tarr Family Eyecare
Dr. Tarr estimates that the campaign has brought in $12,500 thus far!
Patient Reminder Postcards
Advanced Eye Care
143 responses and $25,000 in revenue!

Orthodontics Case Studies

Successful Orthodontic Postcard
Gorczyca Orthodontics
Since starting with PostcardMania, they have seen a 212% increase in patients!
Successful Orthodontic Services Postcard
Imagine Braces
20 responses and $18,000 in income!

Orthotics Case Studies

Hill Country Orthotics and Prosthetics
343 referrals!

Other Case Studies

Postcard Marketing Case Study
Artistwelder Grave Concerns
13 sales for $6,500 in revenue!
Westmoreland Country Club
5-10 new memberships bringing in an annualized income of $15,000-$30,000!
Executive Business Broker
Every 1,000 mailers sent out they get 1 or 2 businesses to sell!!

Painting Case Studies

Central Oregon Paint Pros
20-30 calls and $20,000 in revenue!
Successful Painting Service Postcard
Dr. Paint
made $8,400!
Successful Painting Business Postcard
Impressive Stain & Paint
…they got about 8-10 jobs after mailing 1,000 postcards! They’re so busy, they can't take on any more work until August!

Pest Control Case Studies

Successful Pest Control Postcard
Combat Pest Control
…so far, they received 108 unique calls and 6,117 clicks to their website!
Sprinkler Magician
We generated $42,000 in revenue from our postcard mailings!

Pharmacy Case Studies

Downtown Pharmacy
5-10 new customers monthly!
Rogersville Pharmacy Postcard
Rogersville Pharmacy
We received an immediate increase of 5 prescriptions a day from our postcards!
Pharmacy Advertising idea
Village Pharmacy
Village noticed an increase in foot traffic and an upward trend in revenue as a result of this campaign!

Photography Case Studies

Postcard Marketing Case Study
In A Blink Productions
We brought in $4,000 in revenue from our postcard mailings!

Physical Therapy Case Studies

physical therapy letter idea
Alameda Acupuncture
…the practice has gained six new patients and even reactivated some old patients as well!
Reddy-Care Physical Therapy
Using PostcardMania, we get lead generation without any of the hassle.
Physical Therapy Innovations
Marketing is judged by the growth it generates and its return on investment. Postcard marketing is king of both.

Plumbing Case Studies

Successful Plumbing Postcard
Mark Brew Plumbing and Heating
a long-term return on investment of 760%!
Postcard Marketing Case Study
Pit Stop Portable Restrooms
4 new jobs!

Political Case Studies

Postcard Marketing Case Study
City of Apopka
They filled 1,500 seats!
Paul Knier
He won by a landslide
Wright for Tulsa
She won her seat! Again!!

Pool Service Case Studies

Wicked Clean Pool and Spa Maintenance, Inc
20 new accounts and $5,000 - $6,000 in monthly revenue!
Trinity Pool Management
10 new customers and $10,000 in revenue!
Clements Pool Services and Supplies
Generated 3 jobs for $14,000!

Professional Service Case Studies

Secure It Securities Corp
$50,000 in revenue!
CSS Core Security Systems
2 jobs generating $5,000 after one mailing!
Successful Professional Services Postcard
Wild West Water Delivery
3 new clients and 4 new contacts in the first 24 hours!

Property Management Case Studies

The Weiner Companies, Ltd
25-30 new clients so far!
Successful Property Management Postcard
Suncastle Properties
They spent $6,282.31 with postage included, and so far, they have made roughly $30,000. That’s a 378% ROI!

Real Estate Case Studies

Chatt River Realty LLC
$12,000 in revenue!
ReMax 1st Olympic
A sold listing and $14,000 in expected commission!
Keri Parmeter
5 listings that generated $25,000!

Real Estate Investment Case Studies

TurnKey Investments
30 phone calls and $70,000 in revenue!
Southern Hills Property Group
$200,000 in income!
RedKey Realty
They've generated about $300,000 in revenue!

Recreation/Entertainment Case Studies

Camp Chatuga
$10,000-$20,000 increased profits this year!
Postcard Marketing Case Study
Game Truck
Hitting the right prospects for each franchise's market leads to profitable results from your postcard marketing.
Applause Theatre And Entertainment Service
Direct mail marketing can be relied upon as an essential cornerstone of your small business.

Recycling Case Studies

Rockaway Recycling
Life is good when you can get all your marketing from one place AND get a fantastic return on your investment.

Remodeling Case Studies

Georgia Dream Pools
20 super qualified leads!
Floor Postcard marketing Idea
Floor Coverings International
Their campaign produced $29K in sales and an ROI of 812%!
Fairfax Interiors
Outsourcing your marketing gets you great results, while freeing you up to spend your time on the things YOU care about.

Rental/Leasing Case Studies

American Land Ventures
37 new leases and an annualized income of $69,000!
Postcard Marketing Case Study
The Rental Assistants
The Rental Assistants received 24 calls from their mailings, while their online follow-up ads made a total of 286,447 impressions
Postcard Marketing Case Study
GenPowerLease, LLC
We generated over 100 calls and brought in $10,800 from our postcards!

Restaurant Case Studies

Sonic Drive-In
At least 5,000 customers generated!
Pepper’s Landing
100 new customers!
Scott’s Iconium Store
They received over 100 responses!

Retail Case Studies

183 orders and $15,000 in revenue!
24 orders and $15,000 generated over the weekend!
Successful Retail Postcard
100 consignors — estimated 420% return on investment!

Roofing Case Studies

Elite Roofing And Restoration
At least $243,000 in revenue!
My Florida Roofing Contractor
Averaging 15 jobs per month since the last mailing!
Shield Exteriors
$1.2 million generated!

Senior Care Case Studies

Serengeti Care
Brought in $10,000 in monthly income!
Postcard Marketing Case Study
Central Illinois Care Services
They spent $8,795.53 with postage included, and they are expecting an annualized income of $90,000. That’s a 923% ROI!
Successful Senior Care Postcard
Magnolia Terrace
15 responses!

Software Case Studies

Successful Software Postcard
Access Computer Services
2 sales each generating $1,000 per month, indefinitely!
Successful Software Provider Postcard
KASA Solutions
over 8,000 unique calls since 2013!
Successful Software Postcard
RHINOFIT Gym Management
150-200 people signed up for a software demo!

Special Education Case Studies

Successful Special Education Postcard
Mission Autism Clinic
20 new families!

Transportation Case Studies

Postcard Marketing Case Study
They went from an average of 2-3 riders per day to 10!
Postcard Marketing Case Study
The Cycle Shop
The Cycle Shop received 145 unique phone calls!
Postcard Marketing Case Study
Truck ECM
Truck ECM received 38 phone calls and 233,485 online ad impressions which resulted in 241 click-backs to their website

Travel Case Studies

Travel guide Postcard idea
Joyride Silver Adventures
Monthly revenue and tours increased by 500%

Tree Farm Case Studies

Successful Tree Farm Postcard
River Ridge Tree Farm
They spent $1,837.80 with postage included, and so far, they have made roughly $5,000. That’s a 172% ROI!
Successful Tree Farm Postcard
Big John’s Tree Farm
They spent $2,155.25 with postage included, and so far, they have made roughly $60,000. That’s a 2,684% ROI!

Waste Management Case Studies

Advantage Medical Waste Solutions
600 responses and around 420 new clients!
Postcard Marketing Case Study
Orion Waste Solutions
Only 2 months of mailing our postcards and we are overwhelmed by all of these phone calls!
Postcard Marketing Case Study
When Doody Calls
...22 new clients from our mailings, which will generate $1,500 per month!...

Water Services Case Studies

Successful Water Services Postcard
Nova Water
They spent $6,454.98 with postage included, and so far, they have made roughly $56,000. That’s a 768% ROI!
Successful Water Service Postcard
H2O Equipment Company
They spent $2,132.34 with postage included, and so far, they have made $117,000 for a 5,486% ROI!

Wedding/Party Services Case Studies

corporate event postcard idea
Butter Group
7 new customers and 200,000 in revenue!
party service direct mail idea
Magic Midways
420 coupons were redeemed from their postcard!
Grand Central Party Rental
Postcard marketing is a versatile marketing tool for business growth.

Wholesaler Case Studies

Liquidation Station USA
Sales increased 40%!
Postcard Marketing Case Study
Sarac Distributors LLC
We generated $10,000 in revenue from one mailing!
Postcard Marketing Case Study
Wholesale Fuels Inc.
Generated 92 customers, which brought in $9,813 in revenue in just one year!

Wine/Vineyards Case Studies

Postcard Marketing Case Study
Finger Lakes Wine Country
The return on investment for marketing postcards make them an incredible marketing tool for small businesses.

Youth Organization Case Studies

Camp Chatuga
The entire camp was filled!
Successful Youth Organization Postcard
Girl Scouts of NY Penn Pathways
4,761 unique calls, 166 this month alone!
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