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Cleaning Services Marketing Case Studies | Cleaning Services Marketing Ideas

Cleaning Services Marketing Case Studies

View cleaning postcards and the winning campaigns that go with them! See mailing list details, and overall cleaning service marketing strategy with results for easy-to-replicate cleaning service advertising ideas that flat-out work!

booked 8 new jobs, which generated $10,000 in revenue!
Sugar Land Rain Gutters
Doubled their monthly revenue since starting postcard marketing 6 months ago!!
Exclusive Cleaning Services
Mailed only 2,500 postcards and we have already received 33 calls!
Top Down Exterior Cleaning
Gutter Man Of Tampa Bay
...revenue of $3,500 or $42,000 per year just from residential customers who got their postcards
Service Maids
Online ads seen more than 77,000 times
DomesticAide received 21 calls and 12 new clients!
West Coast Maintenance
6 calls and $2000 in revenue after mailing just 280 cards!
Homework Enterprises
Acquired more than 60 new customers generating approximately a 1000% return on their investment!
The return on investment from postcard marketing can be really good, really quickly.
Merry Maids
If you want consistent growth and continued profits, you need to be consistently investing in postcard marketing.
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