This design doesn’t pull any punches. The copy is clear and to the point, and the offer is right in your face on the front of the postcard. Since a business owner will be familiar with the services offered, there is no need to spell it out – just announce the company and offer the deal!

The Situation

The client was a kitchen exhaust and hood cleaning company based out of Castalia, North Carolina. They wanted a way to let local businesses know about their company and services, and entice them to schedule a free inspection. So, we worked with them to develop a campaign to make it happen.

The Solution

After working with their marketing consultant, the client decided to go with a targeted postcard campaign. They purchased a mailing list with 3,000 records of businesses in North Carolina located in nearby ZIP codes. Then, they scheduled two mailings to go out to that list.

The Results

The return on investment from postcard marketing can be really good, really quickly.

Here are the results from the campaign, in the clients own words: I am so pleased. In just one week I have gotten [11] accounts worth around $37,000. Thank you! Thank you! Total Campaign Cost: $813 Return on Investment: 4551%