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Financial Case Studies

View financial advisor postcards in these real financial advertising examples! See mailing lists, designs, frequency of mailings, and all details for proven-to-work financial direct mail campaigns! Plus, each case study comes with easy-to-replicate tactics you can use to grow your practice all year long!

Postcard Marketing Case Study
Westside Medical Billing
They spent $918 with postage included, and so far, they will make $12,000 this year. That’s a 1,207% ROI!
Postcard Marketing Case Study
Advanced College Funding Solutions
…388 responses because of their campaign. 26 Signed up for College Financial Packages!
Financial seminar postcard Idea
United Capital
150 attendees to 4 seminars!
Law firm Postcrad Idea
Kansas Law Firm
Business increased by 50%
Financial Advisor Postcard Marketing Idea
Denver Wealth Advisors Financial Service
After mailing only 1,000 cards - 12 unique phone calls and over 2,000 website clicks!
Postcard Marketing Case Study
Inverse Investments
The income is well over $200K for us.
Postcard Marketing Case Study
RJB Financial Services
We generated 261 responses and 20 new agents from our postcard mailings!
Postcard Marketing Case Study
Steve Srein – Financial Services
We generated 140 new clients and $16,000 in revenue from our postcard marketing!
Postcard Marketing Case Study
Financial Services Company
We generated 15-18 new clients and $22,500-$27,000 in revenue from our postcard marketing!
Retirement First
We close 4-5 appointments, and only 1 pays for our marketing and then some!
Postcard Marketing Case Study
InnoVest Financial Services
The follow-up ads convinced 250 website visitors to return to our site!
Postcard Marketing Case Study
C.W. Beale And Associates
Experimenting with designs and offers can help your company continue to improve your results with postcard marketing.
Postcard Marketing Case Study
Texoma Credit Union
You can set specific marketing goals, because postcards have the proven track record to produce the results YOU want.
Sharp Bookkeeping Service
Ive tried everything and the only thing that has worked for me is postcards.
Foley & Co.
Repetition leads to consistent marketing results for mortgage companies, even in a recession.
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