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Texoma Credit Union

"You can set specific marketing goals, because postcards have the proven track record to produce the results YOU want."


Texoma Credit Union


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Wichita Falls, TX 76307

Cards Mailed


The Situation

Texoma Credit Union set a specific goal for their postcard marketing. They wanted to bring in $1,000,000 in CD deposits. They consulted with our marketing experts to find out how they could use postcards to reach their marketing goals.

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The Solution

Texoma Community Credit Union (TCCU) printed 5,000 postcards advertising a great interest rate on CDs, 2,400 of which they mailed to a list of homeowner-investors that they had purchased. TCCU then mailed an additional 1,000 to their top depositors and handed the rest out in two credit union lobbies.

The Results

TCCU’s postcard promotion generated 198 CDs, totaling $5.31 million, surpassing their $1,000,000 goal by well over 400%, with an average CD balance of $26,816. They use the difference between the interest they earn (on auto loans, for example) and the interest they pay out on CDs to calculate their income. In this case, the business the postcard brought in generates $9336 per month in net income to the credit union, which calculates out to a 12-month ROI of over 8000% or 80 times what they spent. Marketing Cost, Including postage: $1,280 ROI: 8000%

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