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HVAC Marketing Case Studies | HVAC Marketing Ideas

HVAC Case Studies

View HVAC advertising examples and get awesome HVAC postcard ideas. See mailing lists, designs, frequency of mailings, and all details for tried-and-true HVAC marketing strategies. Plus, each case study shows the exact HVAC postcard used so you can copy its design for your next HVAC marketing campaign!

Pipco Air Conditioning & Heating
$30,000 in revenue for a 127% ROI!
C.W.P. Heating & Air
7 calls and closed 2 new jobs that brought in $11,200!
Shotmeyer Bros
…so far, Shotmeyer Bros tracked 173 unique calls! They also received over 3,000 clicks to their website and 2,900,000 online ad views!
Boyers 72 Degrees Heating & Air Conditioning
Boyers Heating and A/C earned $11,000 in revenue as a result of this campaign. That’s an ROI of 356%!
Air Express
50 new clients per month!
Arctic Sun
10 responses with each mailing!
Give Back HVAC
14 new customers- $4,000 in immediate revenue!
Olson Comfort Services
33 calls from real prospects!
AAA Heating & AC
2,655% return on investment
Climate Master Mechanical Contractors
322 jobs totaling $258,040 in sales!
Morgner Air Conditioning & Heating
300 responses and generated $12,000 in revenue from this campaign alone!
The return on investment was substantial 839% enough to keep them warm for the winter!
LJ Refrigeration
By spending just under $3,000, they ended up generating over $15,000 in sales!
Aspire Heating And Cooling
In just two weeks, we already received $10,000 in revenue
HVAC Company
We booked 310 appointments and generated about $1,350 per booking with our postcards!
Taconic Heating And Cooling
Weve gone from 4,500 customers to over 14,000 using postcard marketing!
Air Conditioning Marketing For Hudson Mechanical
Marketing is judged by the return on investment it generates. Postcard marketing delivers those marketing profits for HVAC businesses.
Kenrich Mechanical
Mailing postcards before your busy season lays the marketing groundwork for generating big revenue when summer arrives.
American Home Heating & Air
$30,000+ in revenue from mailing only 4,000 postcards!
Hightower Service Inc.
Produced a 50-60% response rate with targeted seasonal campaigns!
Heating And Cooling Postcards For Glass City
Mailing marketing postcards at strategic times throughout the year can pay off big for HVAC businesses.
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