This postcard was designed with a blue and red color scheme. This symbolized the hot and cold temperature control that HVAC companies provide their clients, so it reinforced the marketing message the card was communicating. They used text that really popped off the card to grab recipients’ attention and get them interested in what the card had to offer them. Then, they prominently featured a special offer to seal the deal and mark their service as too valuable to pass up.

The Situation

Kenrich Mechanical, Inc. wanted to take advantage of the busy season for A/C service companies. Summer is the perfect opportunity to bring back customers each year, but they needed an effective marketing strategy to do it! They spoke with our marketing consultants to find out the best way to take advantage of the anticipated rise in demand for air conditioning services.

The Solution

Our marketing team designed a fun and vibrant postcard to catch prospects attention. The design is bright and emphasizes a large graphic displaying a $10 discount on any service call. On the back it states simply and directly that Kenrich Mechanical, Inc. can service any heating or air conditioning system. The back also features two more discounts for a premium service or an air cleaner purchase. The campaign was mailed to a list of 5,000 prior customers of Kenrich Mechanical. It was mailed monthly from April to June. This reminded prospects that summer was coming and Kenrich Mechanical could make sure their home was ready!

The Results

Mailing postcards before your busy season lays the marketing groundwork for generating big revenue when summer arrives.

Here are the results of their campaign in their own words: 155 people redeemed the coupons printed on our postcards. These respondents generated around $12,000. Thats a great return on investment for Kenrich Mechanical, Inc.

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