Roofing Marketing Postcards

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Roofing Advertising that Gets Results

Take the trial and error out of your roofing marketing!

PostcardMania is the only postcard marketing company that tracks the results of our clients’ roofer marketing, so we know what works – and what doesn’t – when it comes to roofing company advertising.

On this page you’ll find roofing postcards that our clients have already successfully used to attract new leads for their roofing companies. We can customize any of these templates for your business, or create a brand-new postcard designed specifically to generate leads for roofers.

If you’re a new roofing company or a veteran roof contractor searching for the best marketing ideas, call our experts at 800-628-1804 today for a FREE, no-obligation consultation. Whether you’re using postcards, flyers, pay per click ads, email or all of the above, our consultants can help you create the most effective roofer marketing campaign for your business!

Postcardmania Roofing Customer Reviews

I love the website ,it looks really nice ,it took a lot to pull it all together but the wait was worth it .Dean is very easy to work with and does good work .I like people that take pride in there work .I intend to do all I can with the website to reach new client's.My postcards are looking really awesome ,Sarah took care of all that work and I'm pretty much impressed with your company and services,and I'm pretty hard to impress. .Sarah is easy to work with and were putting a mailing list together and looks like we're going to be mailing them out soon.I definitely called the right company to take care of all my needs .I wish you folks were around 20 years ago .Thanks a lot guys ,keep up the good work .

“Their return on investment (ROI) for their postcard campaign was through the roof — 1,048.8%!"

30 new roofing jobs!

Hello Mandy, I do love my new website. Jennifer was great to work with. I did barrage Jennifer with a lot of information and she took it and made a website that will easily pay me back in profits with proper marketing.

Raj was extremely helpful and very professional down to the smallest details. The website and postcards and business cards also looked awesome! I would definitely recommend. Raj had a lot of good points to why I'm better off with Postcard Mania.

Five calls and over $15,000 in new jobs!

When you combine a great postcard design with a great mailing list, your postcard marketing results can blow your mind!

Thank you for such good service. I look forward to working with you again in the near future.

We receive 25% of our sales from our postcard campaigns! The investment up front was not really a big investment. The return was tremendous.

10 new customers, which brought in 4-5 times what we spent on the campaign!

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