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Roofing Case Studies

View proven-to-work roofing advertising ideas including tried-and-true roofing advertisements, aka: postcards! See actual mailing lists, roofing postcard designs, frequency of mailings, and all the details of roofing postcard mailers that bring in new customers! Plus, each case study features steal-worthy roofing advertising postcards you can copy for your own roofing marketing campaign!

Wharton Roofing
$100,000 in revenue for a 586.14% ROI!
Witten Roofing
30 new jobs and $360,000 in revenue!
Klaus Roofing Systems By J Smegal
got 6 leads and closed them all, which brought in up to $60,000 in revenue! Their ROI was roughly 2,692%!”
A&B Roofing
…2 new jobs worth $10,000 each! That is a ROI of 856%!
LDC, Inc.
Two of their responses turned into projects with a contracted value of $250,000 to $500,000!
American Roofing
$64,000 in revenue — a 1,506% return on investment!
Ready Roofing & Renovation
A 1,054% return on investment!
Advanced Roofing Technologies Of Florida, Inc.
$32,000 in revenue an 858% ROI!
Wood Street Builders
4-5 times in revenue what they spent on the campaign!
Crest Exteriors
30 new roofing jobs!
Professional Energy Solutions
Five calls and over $15,000 in new jobs!
Cornett Roofing Systems
Their return on investment (ROI) for their postcard campaign was through the roof 1,048.8%!
J.A.M. Associates, Inc.
We receive 25% of our sales from our postcard campaigns!
Masters Roofing
When you combine a great postcard design with a great mailing list, your postcard marketing results can blow your mind.
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