Case Studies tagged:

Artistwelder Grave Concerns
13 sales for $6,500 in revenue!
Golden Rule Cleaning
Nearly doubled yearly revenue!
Platte River Foot & Ankle
10 new patients!
183 orders and $15,000 in revenue!
Liquidation Station USA
Sales increased 40%!
TurnKey Investments
30 phone calls and $70,000 in revenue!
Pepper’s Landing
100 new customers!
Trinity Pool Management
10 new customers and $10,000 in revenue!
Fuller Insurance
They spent $4,364.96 with postage included, and so far, they have made roughly $25,000. That’s a 473% ROI!
Scott’s Iconium Store
They received over 100 responses!
KA RV Repair
They spent $9,328.18 with postage included, and so far, they have made roughly $118,897.40. That’s a 1,175% ROI!"
Hill Country Orthotics and Prosthetics
343 referrals!
Klaus Roofing Systems By J Smegal
got 6 leads and closed them all, which brought in up to $60,000 in revenue! Their ROI was roughly 2,692%!”
Lender Assets Management, LLC
30-40 responses generating $70,000-$90,000 monthly!
Community Tax Services
50-60 responses and converted over 20 into new clients, generating an estimated $5,000 in revenue. That's a 220% ROI!
Voice Lessons
…their minutes per day of teaching has skyrocketed to over 10,000!
Robertson Piano Services
…99 new appointments so far from the campaign!
Kleinheinz Dentistry
…a 87.5% increase in new patients and a 35% increase in revenue!
Delphi Academy of Florida
In just one year of using Everywhere Small Business, we have seen a remarkable increase of 20% to 30% in our revenue here!
Coastal Dental Group
…they made $20,000 in revenue, which has already paid for the campaign and then some!
Summit Smiles Dental
the number of new patients increased even further to about 42 new patients per month!
Tanty Family Dental
349% more new patients after starting a consistent postcard campaign!
Pride & Prejudoodles
Our dogs DID sell out — we had to actually hire additional trainers so we could increase our output.
Borealis Dental
143% increase in monthly new patients
Village Green Dental
Hall Family Dentistry
We dont have any place to put more people right now, so were just working longer hours. Its a good problem to have!
Capital Match
3,421% return on investment (ROI)!
Bethlehem Christian Academy
1,009% return on investment!
Organic Land Clearing
3,231% return on investment!
Affinity Dental
Doubled their practice! Now sees about 75 new patients per month!
Cranford Dental
Theyve doubled their practice since 2009!
Gutter Man Of Tampa Bay
...revenue of $3,500 or $42,000 per year just from residential customers who got their postcards
Camp Chatuga
$10,000-$20,000 increased profits this year!
Walls By Design
640% return on investment!
Talbert Insurance
After our first mailing, one of the first accounts we sold was over $150,000
Peak Family Dentistry & Orthodontics
In 6 months, a campaign revenue of $390,000 an ROI of 1,175%
D’Valda & Sirico Dance And Music Centre
We found that postcards have been really fantastic for us, because we can target exactly who we want to send the message to.
North Broad Family Dental
$37,000 a month in gross revenue directly from the postcards.
Sprinkler Magician
We generated $42,000 in revenue from our postcard mailings!
Taconic Heating And Cooling
Weve gone from 4,500 customers to over 14,000 using postcard marketing!
Luna Luz
When we mail out the cards, we'll immediately get some orders in for whatever it is that we had on the card.
Patuxent Dental
Were getting roughly 2,000 new patients a year
Central Park West Dentistry
We generate a 1000% Return on Investment with postcard marketing!
Avalon School Of Music
$5,418 in new revenue each month!
Reddy-Care Physical Therapy
Using PostcardMania, we get lead generation without any of the hassle.
J.A.M. Associates, Inc.
We receive 25% of our sales from our postcard campaigns!
Northern Illinois Cat Clinic
30-40 new clients from every 5,000 postcard mailing!
Mathnasium Of Lake Forest
Increased our clientele by 10x (130 new clients) in just 18 months!
Retirement First
We close 4-5 appointments, and only 1 pays for our marketing and then some!
Trinity Oaks Christian Academy
Generated new enrollments within days of mailing their campaign, setting them up for a strong return on investment!
Lakewood College
Doubled our enrollments and generated $1,800,000 in revenue!
Leavitt’s Auto Care
50-60 Customers Brought in the Postcard Every Week!
National Charity Services
You can't underestimate the impact of photos for reinforcing your charity's marketing message.
Merry Maids
If you want consistent growth and continued profits, you need to be consistently investing in postcard marketing.
Beau Brummel
It's just as important to stay connected with your current customers, as it is to bring in new ones.
Prime Building Services
Targeting local prospects in the community can generate a buzz around your business and bring in valuable referrals.
M.E. Wilson Co.
Postcard marketing delivers huge ROI potential for small businesses in the insurance industry.
Curtis J. Lewis Fine Jewelry
Jewelers can generate big profits from each jewelry show by using marketing postcards to draw the right crowd.
Triad Residential Solutions
Check out what this company's ROI was with their postcard marketing campaign!
Rockaway Recycling
Life is good when you can get all your marketing from one place AND get a fantastic return on your investment.
Yale Appliance And Lighting
Postcards are great for continual business growth, but they can also be effective for temporary retail sales events.
Passport Health Of New York
Small business owners keep their postcard mailings consistent, because that's how they keep the leads coming in.
West County Optometry
When you're looking to fill a local event, connecting with your local prospects with postcards is your best marketing option.
Physical Therapy Innovations
Marketing is judged by the growth it generates and its return on investment. Postcard marketing is king of both.
Rehab Access Physical Therapy
Business owners want to focus on the big picture. Outsourcing your marketing frees up your time so you can.
ProFitness Physical Therapy
The great thing about repeat postcard mailings is it develops a self-perpetuating marketing cycle and continues to build.
Fairfax Interiors
Outsourcing your marketing gets you great results, while freeing you up to spend your time on the things YOU care about.
Helping Hands Of America
It doesn't take a huge response to yield huge profits for your company using postcard marketing.
Home Care Seminars
Senior care companies should target very specific groups of people to get great results from their efforts.
Advanced Aesthetics
The return on investment you can generate from postcard marketing proves it is the best marketing method for small businesses.
Sharp Bookkeeping Service
Ive tried everything and the only thing that has worked for me is postcards.
Browning’s Fitness
Those who try postcard marketing don't see any reason to stop, because their business continues to grow.
Don Allen Studios
All small businesses need to use repetition with their postcard marketing to get consistent results.
Elite Physical Therapy
This physical therapy business learned you can get better marketing results with less-hassle by outsourcing your marketing.
This skin care product company took their business to a whole new level when they started using postcard marketing.
Grand Central Party Rental
Postcard marketing is a versatile marketing tool for business growth.
ISchool Of Music And Art
We started using postcard marketing to increase the number of enrollments...
Amazing Creations Preschool
You can thrive even in a downturned economy through proactive lead generation using postcard marketing.
Applause Theatre And Entertainment Service
Direct mail marketing can be relied upon as an essential cornerstone of your small business.
Film Stage & Showbiz Expo
Targeting both exhibitors and potential attendees can make your next trade show a huge hit.
Transitions Dental Company
We simply wanted to increase our patient base...
Albert Family Orthodontics
Every time we send out a mailing, we see an immediate response
Foley & Co.
Repetition leads to consistent marketing results for mortgage companies, even in a recession.
Hollander Dental
I wanted to approach dental practices to get more clients for my dental lab.
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