AminoGenesis used soft colors of pink, purple and green for their postcard to set the right tone for their marketing. They used an image of a model with obviously flawless skin to help prospects visualize the potential of their skin if they use their products. They also use a very enticing offer that claims prospects can “Save Over $100.” These visual design choices built an effective marketing message for their targeted audience.

The Situation

We wanted to use postcards to stay in touch with current customers as well as to obtain new customers.

AminoGenesis is a premier skin care company located in Irvine, CA offering anti-aging and moisturizing skin products across the globe.

The Solution

Postcard Design: Printed 11,000 postcards with a design that addressed their audience with a question and featured their product as a solution. The design included benefits of the products and a free product offer to entice customers to call for details and place more benefits on the back. The design itself can play a huge part in generating response, so let’s take a look at the successful design elements of this campaign:

  • Used Benefits vs. Features
  • Included an Irresistible Offer
  • Image Supported the Message
  • Bold, Clear Headline
  • Call To Action Included Prominently On Back of Card

Mailing List: For this campaign, AminoGenesis mailed to their current customer base.

Mailing Schedule: One time to customer list

Campaign Cost: Including postage, $3,704

The Results

We got more new customers in just a few months from our postcard campaign than we usually get in 2 years. From the marketing advice and changes you suggested, our web business picked up almost overnight bringing in a massive amount of leads. This creates an effect, which in the long term, increases the reorder process. - Ron. C, AminoGenesis

AminoGenesis saw instant revenue generated after the mailings. In a few months he made more than the combined total of the last two years sales!

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