AminoGenesis used soft colors of pink, purple and green for their postcard to set the right tone for their marketing. They used an image of a model with obviously flawless skin to help prospects visualize the potential of their skin if they use their products. They also use a very enticing offer that claims prospects can “Save Over $100.” These visual design choices built an effective marketing message for their targeted audience.

Retail Case Study Video

The Situation

AminoGenesis is a premier skin care company located in Irvine, CA offering anti-aging and moisturizing skin products across the globe.

The Solution

Postcard Design: Printed 11,000 postcards with a design that addressed their audience with a question and featured their product as a solution. The design included benefits of the products and a free product offer to entice customers to call for details and place more benefits on the back. The design itself can play a huge part in generating response, so let’s take a look at the successful design elements of this campaign:

  • Used Benefits vs. Features
  • Included an Irresistible Offer
  • Image Supported the Message
  • Bold, Clear Headline
  • Call To Action Included Prominently On Back of Card

Mailing List: For this campaign, AminoGenesis mailed to their current customer base.

Mailing Schedule: One time to customer list

Campaign Cost: Including postage, $3,704

The Results

This skin care product company took their business to a whole new level when they started using postcard marketing.

AminoGenesis saw instant revenue generated after the mailings. In a few months he made more than the combined total of the last two years sales!

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