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  • Got 52 accts since January and just landed a 30 store McDonald's franchise which will bring in $38K per year because we've been sending postcards consistently year after year to the same list.
  • So far we have had a pretty good response rate. We have had a total of 21 post cards come in so far. Most of those were in the first mailing, but we have started to see another wave come in - 5 in the last week. We have had one person ask us to come get our post card as they shop at another store! HA!
  • I recommend Postcard Mania for anyone seeking to expand their visibility in the dental professions. My experience with them has been very good.
  • We love the website! It gets us about 5 cycles per month, and 1 in 5 enroll. Thus far, it’s generated roughly $125K. Looking forward to the Fall Enrollment campaign we just started!
  • 20+ new patients and immediate revenue of $10K (ROI 95.8%) = LT Income of 100K and potential LT ROI 1,858%
  • Got 14 new customers & revenue of 4K. ESB Marketing helped. Projected 5 year ROI 42K and 1204%
  • I love my new banner ad. I am amazed at just how skilled y'all are! Incredible!!! I am so happy. Amazing job, pardon me but HELL YES it's Perfect!!
  • Wow! Best Design YET - let the design team know they are doing really good work! I appreciate your help!
  • Based on the first mailing of 1,200 postcards, we received 3 inquires and we got one listing from it.
  • So far, I got 1 response and converted it. So I made enough to pay for my expenses for the postcard. Lifetime value of a client is $18K - $24K.
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