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  • This marketing thing is pretty sweet! 11 new patients my first week, and then 7 the second week, and then the postcards mailing out on the 31st, we have gone from 110 patients while I was gone to 142 last week and 160 targeted this week. It's awesome. I have gotten a few people off of the cards, but have also gotten a few old patients (like 8 years ago was their last visit) to come in and sign up for more care. Thanks so much for your help!
  • This is a BEAUTIFUL AD!!! Make sure the designer gets that "WIN" from me .
  • The response has been excellent!
  • Last order has been going smooth so far. This was a duplicate mailing with the overflow cards so its been easy.
  • We did 2000 cards 3x , for 3 dinner dates. got about 50 people total. 12 then came into the practice and so far signed up 6 patients. We figure them @ $1500 each, so $9000.. so far!
  • From start to finish, everything has been great! Thanks, Dr. Andy
  • Keep up the good work!
  • We had such a great response with the first mailer! We have a week long waiting list!
  • My experience with you was bumpy at first. When I initially called to inquire and place an order was kind of a bad impression but I knew what you offered and what I wanted so I hung in there. I am glad I did because I am very satisfied with my order! I will keep you in mind for future orders and will pass your name along to others. Thank You
  • We are happy w/ results, it paid for itself. Want to start again in Jan. Results = 3 NP, 8 more prospects, 11 total responses. Mailed 6,000 total cards, 2000 per month for 3 months.
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