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  • I saw the card and LOVED it!! Will wait to see what kind of response we get and we may be doing more!! Thanks!!
  • Also, wanted to let you know that we saw hard copies of the mailers and were very impressed.  Great job!
  • We love DirectMail2.0 because it allows us to reach out to missed opportunities as well as critique how we handle the calls coming in. It has put us more in touch with evaluating how effective not only our mailings are, but how effective we are!
  • Mailers are doing great! We have gotten a pretty good feed backs from them.
  • 8 appointments, 2 went for significant treatment.
  • 's a little overwhelming in a good way. We are having 30+ patients coming with the mailer every month and with other online campaigns I am averaging 50 new patients a month. We are expanding since we need more rooms to accommodate these patients. This is great!!
  • Working with Gabriella was fantastic! Everything went very well! I could not have been happier!
  • The post cards looked great! We already got a few inquiries.
  • Thank you for the previous order, PostcardMania did a great job. We loved it so much that we would like to send you more business!
  • Since our website has been up we got two new patients from it! We are very pleased with the outcome of the site.
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