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Jewelry Postcards

Jewelry Postcard Marketing Samples

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ID: JWL-1000
ID: JWL-1001
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ID: JWL-1005
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Gold Buying

ID: JWL-GB-1000
ID: JWL-GB-1001
ID: JWL-GB-1002

Holiday Season Jewelry

ID: JWL-SEA-1002
ID: JWL-SEA-1003
ID: JWL-SEA-1004
ID: JWL-SEA-1005
ID: JWL-SEA-1006
ID: JWL-SEA-1007
ID: JWL-SEA-1009
ID: JWL-SEA-1010
ID: JWL-SEA-1011

Mother's Day

ID: JWL-MOM-1001
ID: JWL-MOM-1003
ID: JWL-MOM-1000

Valentines Day

ID: JWL-VAL-1001
ID: JWL-VAL-1005
ID: JWL-VAL-1006

Proven Marketing for Jewelers and Jewelry Professionals

You deserve jewelry marketing that’s as effective as your products are gorgeous. We’ve worked with hundreds of jewelers and jewelry professionals, and we’ve tracked the data from all the jewelry ads that work including marketing jewelry online. Above you’ll see examples of direct mail postcards and marketing ideas for jewelry business. These are actual postcards our clients have used with spectacular results. Easily get jewelry advertisement ideas from any of our designs you see above… or, better yet — we can customize any of our designs with your store’s logo. If you prefer, we can even design you a fresh NEW postcard from scratch. Simply scan through our gallery, and don’t forget to grab your FREE samples of our jewelry marketing postcards delivered directly to you… just enter your email below!

Postcardmania Jewelry Customer Reviews

You guys rock.

I only advertise through our postcard mailings. By the return of customers, I know they're getting the postcards. I estimate between a 5 to 10 times return from our mailings. I found PostcardMania by getting a postcard in the mail. I liked what I saw, and the prices were great. Now we've been working with you for over 10 years!

Nearly 1,000 responses from 6,000 postcards!

Generated $8,000 in revenue from a $905 postcard campaign!

The great customer service/simplicity of ordering is what keeps me coming back. If something is wrong or missed, I can depend on PostcardMania to catch the issue before printing. And of course the reasonable cost.

Our event in North Little Rock was tremendously successful! The response on both EDDM's were positive and contributed a significant portion of the volume. Thank you for all you do to help make the Postcardmania process, seamless.

Very efficient and helped me with complicated paper work. I have used PostcardMania for a long time.

The campaign was for our annual sale, so a fair amount of people came in and made purchases ... It brought in around $25,000 of additional money.

Everyone I spoke to was very polite, pretty professional, and well spoken.

Postcards are what work the best for us.

43 responses from only 2,500 postcards mailed!

U R Great!! Thanks for everything! We are at 3rd goal and a week to go! Should be awesome with the mailer just hitting! Thanks again! Mark

Susan just wanted to let you know I absolutely love the postcard; we got it in the mail today. I'm extremely pleased, thank you so much for all your help

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Call or Text a Marketing Consultant 1-800-628-1804