The front of the card featured an image of a ring with a heart-shaped diamond. The color scheme started black in the bottom and turned into a deep pink color, which appeared to be reflecting through the diamond. This created what looked like butterfly wings at the top of the card. It was a very engaging design. The back didn’t use any copy. It simply displayed four offers, two promoting sales and two promoting repairs.

The Situation

The Neighborhood Jeweler was looking to draw in more clients from their local area, while also bringing back prior customers for more visits. They wanted to use postcard marketing and consulted with our marketing experts to create a campaign that could get them results. Their story can give you some jewelry advertising ideas for your own business.

The Solution

Our marketing team designed 6,000 postcards with great aesthetics to catch prospects’ eyes. The cards were mailed to a list of prospects in the 6 zip codes where 90% of their customers live.

The Results

The Neighborhood Jeweler had about a 15% response rate to their current client list and about a 4.5% response rate to our raw prospects list. This amounted to hundreds of respondents that generated several thousand dollars for their jewelry store.

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