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Landscaping Case Studies

View tried-and-true landscaping advertising ideas with these real case studies from business owners just like you! See mailing lists, designs, frequency of mailings, and all details in these landscaping advertisement examples. Plus, each case study comes with easy-to-copy landscaping marketing ideas PROVEN to generate new customers!

Joe Haul
An estimated $60,000 in revenue!
Grass Life USA (Dwight Lawn Service)
$25,000 generated
Cochran Lawn Care
3 new clients and $3,900 in immediate revenue!
Deering Tree Service
Several large accounts which bring in around $40,000-$500,000 each annually!
Lawn Care Postcard Idea
230 phone calls and 102 new customers!
Successful Landscaping Postcard
Brooks Landscaping
33 new customers and $13,000 in revenue!
Landscaping Advertising Ideas - Successful Landscaping Postcard
Eastern Grounds Landscaping
20 responses resulting in $8,000— a 189% ROI!
Postcard Marketing Case Study
G&C Landscaping
$2,500 or a little more in immediate revenue!
Organic Land Clearing
3,231% return on investment!
Postcard Marketing Case Study
The Greener Side Incorporated
126 calls from qualified leads
Postcard Marketing Case Study
Cotleur & Hearing Landscape
Cotleur and Hearing brought in new business totaling over $50,000!
Postcard Marketing Case Study
Neils Lunceford, Inc.
Overall it was a very successful campaign and [we] will strongly consider performing again in the future
Postcard Marketing Case Study
Marshall’s Lawn Care
Marshalls Lawn Care received 3-4 new estimates per day, and generated an estimated $50,000 in new jobs!
Postcard Marketing Case Study
Dreamscapes brought in $7,000 in immediate revenue
Postcard Marketing Case Study
Imagastone Land Design
When the right offer lands in front of the right people, there is money to be made.
Postcard Marketing Case Study
Kalamazoo Garden Design
Postcard Marketing Case Study
Schmechtig Landscapes
We generated $108,000 from our postcard mailings!
Postcard Marketing Case Study
Tri City Sprinklers & Landscaping
We generated $180,000 from our postcards!
Postcard Marketing Case Study
Handy Stop Nursery
Find prospects you didn't even know existed. Then, turn them into customers and generate more revenue for your business.
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