The Situation

Marshalls Lawn Care, located in Pleasant Hill, MO offers a full line of lawn care services and maintenance solutions. Like most businesses, they wanted a marketing tool that would take their business to the next level. They gave PostcardMania a call and worked with one of our marketing consultants to make this happen!

The Solution

Marshalls Lawn Care was looking for extra inflow and additional jobs for the season. After speaking with their marketing consultant they decided to purchase a mailing list of 10,000 records consisting of single family residences in select zip codes. They mailed to this list twice. Then they mailed again to households fitting the same profile, but in different zip codes. For this list, they purchased 6,000 records and mailed out to it once.

The postcard design itself is simple. It uses bright, crisp colors to grab the attention of prospects, with a problem that is common to most residences (weeds!). The postcard also features a special offer on the front as well as on the back to encourage prospects to respond soon.

The Results

With their marketing campaign complete, Marshalls Lawn Care received 3-4 new estimates per day, and generated an estimated $50,000 in new jobs! Thats a 240% return on investment! Not bad for a campaign lasting a few months. The best part is that $50k doesnt take into consideration the repeat business that theyll get from those new clients in the coming years or what they will generate. Thats even more money in the bank!

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