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Direct Mail Guide

Direct Mail in 2023

This is the ultimate guide to using direct mail to blow up your business in 2023. This is not just another “how to design your postcard” post...
Mailing Lists

Mailing List Guide 2023

Your mailing list is an extremely important element of your direct mail marketing campaign... In fact, I'd go as far as saying your mailing list can either MAKE or break your campaign's success!
Real Estate Marketing

Real Estate Guide 2023

Want to learn how to market as real estate agent? In this guide, we've put together niche-specific marketing tactics PROVEN to grow your business.
Real Estate Marketing

Business Marketing Guide

Want to know how to market to EVERY kind of business? Then you’ve arrived at the right place. This current guide breaks down how to effectively reach every kind of prospect.
Marketing Articles

Marketing Articles

Touch up on your marketing education with our library of free marketing resource articles.
Marketing Reports

Marketing Reports

Download any of our huge collection of marketing reports absolutely free!
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Read any of our past blog posts here. Learn about design, mailing lists, customer value and more!
Marketing Videos

Marketing Videos

Watch our CEO Joy Gendusa cover different marketing topics on video
Marketing Budget Calculator

Marketing Budget Calculator

Learn the breakdown on how much you need to invest in your marketing — depending on your small business's size and targets.
Customer Value Calculator

Customer Value Calculator

Customer value can be tricky to define. The lifetime value of a customer is even more complex. That's why we created this simple calculator. Now it's easy to get the information you need to make informed marketing decisions.
The Postcard Marketing Manual book

Postcard Marketing Manual

Every business owner, entrepreneur, and marketing manager wants to learn how to build a leak-proof marketing machine that hums along with minimal maintenance and optimal results.
Dictionary of printing and marketing terms

Marketing Dictionary

Learn the ins and outs of printing terminology to better understand the process.
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Upcoming Marketing Events

If you are ready get your business booming, no matter what income level you are at now, you need accurate, timetested marketing principles to get you there.
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