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Business cards.


Businesses selling to other businesses.

Business to Business Marketing


Businesses selling directly to consumers.

Business to Consumer Marketing

Banner Ads (Remarketing)

Banner ads are displayed on Google and follow you around the internet on any websites in the Google network. They can follow you as a result of remarketing, see remarketing for details.

Remarketing Banner Ad

Bulk rate

When you mail over a certain # of pieces, you qualify to get a bulk postage rate, which is cheaper than a stamp.

Call tracking

A service that records and tracks all incoming calls to a certain phone number. This can be used on a printed piece that gets mailed out or on a website, in online advertising, etc. Call tracking typically comes with a dashboard of some type that allows you to see how many calls rang in to that phone #, and also listen to the recorded calls (for training purposes or even quality control.)


A program or system intended to distinguish human from machine input, typically as a way of stopping spam or the automated extraction of data from websites. Example: If you’ve ever been prompted to type in letters that you saw on a screen before a form would allow you to submit it, that’s Captcha.

Captcha Form Security

Care-to-share cards

A card that a business— such as a dentist— would want you to share with others to easily refer them to their business. Often times there is a special offer on the care-to-share card, such as, FREE whitening or money off your next service.

Carrier route

All the residences along a mailman’s postal route where he/she carries and delivers mail. It’s a group of mailing addresses that have the same USPS code which aids in mail delivery efficiency. When you mail to a carrier route, you’re saturating an area, so it’s called a saturation mailing.

CMS – Content Management System

Allows website owner/user to easily change content and images within their website without knowing code. Does not allow for the design or structure of the website to be modified.


Abbreviation for Carrier Route.


This service integrates Google Remarketing ads into postcard campaigns. What this means is that the postcard and Google ads will match in design, special offer, etc. Both the postcard and the Google ads will run at the same time, so whether a prospect receives a postcard in the mail OR sees an ad online, they’ll know they’re seeing the same coordinated marketing strategy from the same awesome company. DirectMail2.0 includes postcard design, printing, and mailing, plus mail tracking, the Google ads of course, and even call tracking. It’s a marketing system that leverages both direct mail AND online advertising simultaneously.

DirectMail2.0 logo


A Doorhanger is made from card stock and is generally rectangular in shape, cut to hang from the handle or knob of a door. They are used to distribute print advertising to residences, and thus must be hand-delivered (and hung on the door knob). You’ve probably received one of these or more from local pizza places in your neighborhood.


Every Door Direct Mail- A direct mail program offered by the U.S Post Office that allows a customer to mail a certain- sized postcard to an entire area. You don’t select who receives the postcard — you basically select which zip codes you want your marketing to hit, and EVERYONE in that area will receive their postcard. This program is great for restaurants, dentists, massage places, auto mechanics, and other local businesses that everyone tends to need.

The postage is discounted for this program because essentially a mailman takes a sack of postcards and just makes sure every house on his/her route, in an area, receives the postcard. PostcardMania can design, print, and mail EDDM campaigns, and we pass the postage savings onto you!


Stands for our Everywhere Small Business™ marketing program. See Everywhere Small Business™.

Everywhere Small Business™

PostcardMania’s marketing program that integrates Google, Facebook, and Instagram ads into targeted direct mail campaigns. Moreover, Everywhere Small Business™ includes mail tracking, call tracking, and the number of clicks their Google/Facebook/ Instagram ads generate. If you purchase Everywhere Small Business™ you’ll receive multi-channel marketing that puts your business figuratively everywhere, which saves you time and increases the likelihood of response and return on investment. Everywhere Small Business™ furthermore allows you to easily see and track your ad clicks and lead calls in an online portal called myPostcardMania.

You can also see when their mail pieces are projected to arrive, and when they do actually arrive in prospects’ mailboxes. Everywhere Small Business™ is like the big kahuna of marketing for small businesses, and it’s crazy affordable! Everywhere Small Business™ is regularly called ESB for short.

Everywhere Small Business logo

Foldover cards

Another term for greeting cards or any card that is folded in half.

Landing Page

A standalone web page distinct from your main website that has been designed for a single focused objective.

Example: You may use a landing page to go with your postcard campaign. On the postcard would be a link to your landing page. When someone receives the postcard, they’ll type the listed URL and ‘land’ on a particular page aka landing page. The landing page will be designed to entice and capture the data of the prospect, thereby giving it to you… that’s called lead capture. So a landing page isn’t just a website with multiple tabs and options… it’s pretty simple and its purpose is to provide more information and also to capture the contact info of the visitor by offering something they will exchange their info for.

Lead follow-up

Following up with your prospects.


Stands for Multi Family Dwelling Unit. Basically, a place where multiple families could live, i.e. an apartment building.

Mobile website

A mobile website loads the same single mobile version of the website design on any tablet or mobile device. A mobile website generally is a stripped down version of the full website, and sometimes includes only the most important and relevant data.


A personalized online dashboard that collects all of a your tracking data for your marketing campaign.

MyPostcardMania logo


National Change of Address – This is a service provided by the USPS that enables individuals to notify others of their new address (like when they move). The NCOA database is compiled by the USPS and is made available to certain licensees that use it to update mailing lists with changed addresses.


Network Distribution Center- A processing and distribution center of the USPS that serves a large area. There is normally 1 NDC that services many SCFs (Sectional Center Facility).

New To Town

This is a program that mails to anyone who has newly moved into a home/apartment. The design typically will be a “Welcome to the Neighborhood” design.


Non-profit organizations qualify for cheaper postage rates. These rates are cheaper than all other rates, but the mail takes as long as third class (aka, standard) to deliver. Also, no returns happen in the event of bad addresses for these mailings.

PPC / Pay Per Click

A model of internet marketing in which advertisers pay a fee each time on of the ads is clicked, hence the name: PAY per click. Basically, it’s a way of buying visits to your website, rather than attempting to earn those visits organically (or naturally, without payment). Search engine advertising is one of the most popular forms of PPC. It allows advertisers to bid for ad placement in a search engine’s sponsored links when someone searches on a keyword that is related to their business offering. Example: We at PostcardMania are big on the keyword postcard marketing in Google’s PPC platform (called Google Ads [it used to be called AdWords]), our ad might show up in the very top spot on the Google results page— in green, with a little AD icon by it.


These people are interested in your products/services to some degree, no matter how small, but they haven’t ordered yet.

Public Relations (PR)

This is a technique of communication of ideas. PR consists of those functions of a corporation, organization, etc. concerned with attempting to create favorable public opinion for itself. Example of good PR: We donate 1 million postcards per year to local nonprofits to help them spread more awareness of their causes. (Truth: we actually probably donate MORE, but this is just an example.) Example of bad PR: We mess up orders pretty often. (NOT true— just an example!)


Something brand new or untouched. In marketing, you may hear the term raw list or raw prospect. This would mean that the list is completely brand new and has not been mailed to or communicated to.


The process of marketing again to someone who has already shown some degree of interest in a business by clicking through to their website from an online ad or typing in their URL. Once there they are ‘cookied’ which means a piece of code tracks their IP address and now can show ads to them on millions of websites in the Google network. This can also be done on Facebook. Have you ever looked at a Hotel website for instance and now you see ads for that hotel everywhere you go online? That’s remarketing.

Responsive website

A website that adapts to whatever device it is being viewed on. Whether that is a desktop computer, tablet, or mobile device (like a smartphone), the same website will display the same content using a visual design most suited to that device. A responsive website ensures that viewers can find the same information whatever device they are using, and every button and function works great.

Rocket Print and Mail

A sister brand of PostcardMania.


Return On Investment- the profit someone makes after everything is said and done.

Search engine marketing (SEM)

This is basically the same thing as PPC = Pay Per Click but includes SEO (search engine optimization). Example: If you Google best mattresses, the top results you’ll see with the green AD icon by them are ads that mattress retailers paid to show when someone searched for best mattresses. The knowledge of how to use Google ads effectively is one aspect of SEM. The listing right below the ads are there ‘organically’ – meaning they appeared there because the company has really good SEO and this is another expertise one must have in SEM. Most professionals do one or the other.


Stands for Single Family Dwelling Unit. Basically, where a single family of people would live— like your standard house.


Stands for secure socket layer. SSL is a security technology that is considered standard in the technology industry. It is used to create an encrypted link (or connection) between a server and a browser. When something is encrypted, it is coded in such a way as to be much more secure. So, an encrypted email service, for example, would be one that is really hard, or impossible, to hack into. A web server is both software and hardware (like physical computers, for example) which allow internet connection and browsing to happen. Browsing the internet happens on a browser— think: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox.

SSL Secure Socket Layer

Unique Marketing Products

Also known as Special Services— think: magnets and sticky notes adhered to postcards, i.e.

Variable Data

When every printed piece is personalized to the recipient. Example: If you have a mailing list which includes the first name of every recipient, you can make it so that each postcard has the first name on each postcard. Virtually any design or data element on a postcard can be variable, which would personalize each and every postcard to the recipient.

Variable Data Postcard Example


An add-on for WordPress (see WordPress). It easily transforms a WordPress website into a fully functional online store where website visitors can buy things.

WooCommerce Logo


WordPress is a website that enables others to create simple or robust websites on it.

WordPress Logo
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