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With Bulk Mail Discounts – It Pays for Itself!

Addressing Services Example

If you address and mail all of your postcards yourself, you pay:

$0.35 per piece in postage (or $0.55 if you mail larger postcards).

If PostcardMania addresses and mails your postcards for you, your bulk mail cost per piece’s postage rate for 4.25″ x 6″ postcards is between:

$0.265 – $0.294.

Our bulk mail postcard addressing and presorting rate is only $0.055 per piece in addition to the postage cost. That saves you big over mailing yourself!


With over 22 years in the direct mail marketing industry, PostcardMania is an established mail house, having mailed over 1.8 billion bulk mail postcards. Therefore, our bulk mail costs are often lower than our competitors, giving you the least expensive bulk postcards. Plus, our bulk mail delivery time can be faster because we have an in-house USPS employee who clears the mail on premise at our mailing facility!

That means when we handle your bulk printing and mailing services, we can save you between $0.06 and $0.08 per piece on your cost to bulk mail postcards. That really adds up. You don’t have to do the work, and you are actually SAVING money on your bulk mail prices while you don’t do it.

We pass bulk mailer savings on to you through our USPS bulk mail rates. Why not go with the company that lets you SAVE on your bulk mail advertising?


The cost of addressing/mailing service is $0.055 per piece (and slightly more for very large postcards). With bulk mail discounts, this still saves you over mailing yourself. Plus we do all of the work for you!


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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I submit my own mailing list for you to address?

You know it! If you send us your mailing list in an Excel spreadsheet, we’ll presort, address and mail your bulk postcards and nab YOU those bulk mail discounts. Worried about sharing your valuable list with another company? Click here to see our List Confidentiality Agreement.

Does my design have to follow a certain template to qualify for bulk mail rates?

Yes. To ensure your layout adheres to the bulk mail USPS mailing standards, please view our mailing design template. If PostcardMania is designing your bulk mail postcards for you, we will make your design fits within bulk mail regulations so it sends smoothly.

Do I need to purchase a special indicia for my bulk business mail?

Nope! When we address, presort, and mail your bulk mailers for you, you get to use PostcardMania’s long-withstanding bulk mail indicia. In fact, this bulk mail indicia is the signal to USPS that you’re clear to receive those inexpensive bulk mail rates!

Do I need to worry about my postcards’ bulk mail address format?

Again, nope! Lucky you, when we mail your bulk postcards here from PostcardMania, we take care of ALL bulk mail requirements, which includes the nitty gritty detail of how the addresses of your recipients needs to be formatted.

What’s better — bulk mail vs. First Class?

Bulk mail is simply the term that describes the business practice of mailing hundreds (or thousands) of mail pieces by utilizing an approved bulk mail indicia, adhering to bulk mail requirements, and therefore, receiving USPS bulk mail rates — which are much lower than the stamps you buy at the post office for your yearly holiday cards. Thus, there are a couple bulk mail options:

  • First Class – gets your bulk postcards to recipients in 2-5 business days
  • Standard Class (or 3rd Class) – gets your bulk mailers to recipients in 7-14 business days

Therefore, you can still receive lower bulk mail rates if you don’t want to pay for a shorter bulk mail time frame with First Class.

Is there a bulk mail minimum to receive the lower bulk mail prices?

Yes, there is a bulk mail minimum — you want to mail at least 500 bulk mailers to receive those lower bulk mail prices. However, most mail houses give better per-piece print pricing, and better addressing pricing, when you mail at least 1,000 pieces.

How much does bulk mail cost?

The cost of bulk mailing services with USPS is just $0.265 – $0.294 per postcard when you use First Class Mail. There are also less expensive options when you mail to an entire area, through Every Door Direct Mail. We will automatically advice you on the best possible postage rates when we discuss your campaign with you.

What other USPS bulk mail information do I need to know?

When you utilize bulk mail services with the USPS, you have to follow detailed bulk mail sorting instructions. Also, called “presort,” when you bulk mail with the US Postal Service, they require you to sort mail before handing over your bulk mailers to them. What this means is your bulk postcards need to be sorted by areas so that when USPS accepts your trays of bulk mailers, they can slip your postcards into the mail stream much faster. Presorting is a job in and of itself, and that is why time-savvy business owners hire us to handle the bulk mail sorting instructions for their mailings.

How do I find bulk mail services near me?

You can use us here at PostcardMania as we service small businesses nationwide — we’ve been mailing billions of bulk postcards and other bulk mailers for 22 years nationwide.

Is there a way to track my mailing?

Absolutely! We offer a bulk mail tracking service — accessibly in a handy online dashboard available 24/7 — that tells you exactly when your bulk mail postcards (or letters) arrive. Call us for details!

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