Landscaping Case Study Video

The Situation

Northland Outdoor Services is a landscaping company in Roseville, MN. They needed a good way to let homeowners know about their services and decided to trust PostcardMania for their marketing needs.

The Solution

Isaac Rogers of Northland Outdoor Services chose one of PostcardMania’s template postcard designs through our partner Brian of Lawntreprenuer. We customized the 6” x 8.5” postcard so that it included the following features:

  • A list of their landscaping services
  • Contact information and company logo
  • A list of benefits that distinguishes them from other landscapers in the area

Northland Outdoor Services purchased a consumer mailing list that targeted homeowners with a home value of 300,000 or more, an annual income of 75,000 or more, and residences within a 10-mile radius of Isaac’s home.

The postcard featured a spring theme, enticing recipients to purchase services quickly.

PostcardMania mailed 3,000 postcards in March 2022.

The Results

25 people responded, he converted 4 of them, and he made $13,000 in revenue!

A total of 25 people responded; 15 called in and 4 sent an email from his landing page. Northland Outdoor Services converted 4 of them and made $13,000 in revenue!

Isaac’s overhead was low at $1,916, so his return on investment for this mailing was 578%. That means he made about 13 times more than what he spent.

Since then, Isaac has mailed out another 3,000 postcards and is looking forward to future sales from his direct mail marketing campaign.

Interested in doing a similar campaign for your business? Call us and we will get you connected with a marketing consultant who has experience creating campaigns for other landscapers.

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