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The Situation

The Greener Side has been in business for over 25 years, so they really know their target audience. When the winter season was a few months away, they contacted PostcardMania to create a postcard campaign that reached out to their ideal customersbusinesses with a high sales volume.

The Solution

With the help of our marketing experts, the Greener Side was able to come up with a postcard marketing campaign that generated a lot of attention.

To make the most out of their budget, the Greener Side signed up for DirectMail2.0. This gives them access to mail tracking information so they know when their postcard hits mailboxes, call tracking so they never miss a call, and automatic online follow-up ads. This means that when a prospect visits their website and leaves without taking action, they see the Greener Sides online ads across thousands of other sites.

Here are the key elements that make this snow removal postcard effective:

  • The main image shows prospects exactly what they will get when they call a big truck plowing snow!
  • Trust-building statements (celebrating 25 years and named one of the top 100 snow contractors) establish credibility
  • A visually powerful call to action statement offering a FREE quote draws the eye

The Greener Side purchased a 12,000-record mailing list from PostcardMania. This list included all business with an annual sales volume exceeding $1 million. They know that businesses need to keep their parking lots and walkways clear of snow so customers can get to them!

This design was sent to all 12,000 businesses three times throughout early fall. Repetition helps ensure the Greener Side was top of mind when their prospects needed someone to clear their parking lots and walkways!

The Results

126 calls from qualified leads

You know who had a busy winter season? The Greener Side, thats who! Reviewing their DirectMail2.0 results, their postcard generated 126 calls from qualified leads and 1,800 visitors to their website. Googles online follow-up displayed an advertisement for the website to all those visitors 384,973 times (!!!) and resulted in 364 people clicking back to their website thats 364 MORE potential customers!

CSID: 3791