The Situation

Cotleur & Hearing Landscape Company has been serving the Jupiter, Florida area with landscaping renovations since 1992. They wanted to target new homeowners in the area looking to update and modify the landscaping of their new homes. In order to reach those prospects effectively, Cotleur Hearing came to PostcardMania for marketing advice.

The Solution

We assisted Cotleur Hearing in designing a postcard that would stand out in mailboxes and highlight their landscaping services. They purchased a mailing list targeting homes valued over $450,000 and with a residency of less than one year in the area (yes, we can get that specific!). The postcards were sent to 1,000 new residents six times over the course of the campaign. This repetition kept Cotleur Hearing top-of-mind with qualified prospects a tactic we HIGHLY recommend for all businesses.

Here are the design elements that helped their postcard succeed:

  • Several discounts to choose from and a FREE gift
  • A credible quote from a previous customer (the mayor!)
  • A bright design that grabs your attention
  • Pictures of their services so you immediately know what they do
  • A satisfaction guarantee, which helps minimize the risk of hiring them

The Results

Cotleur and Hearing brought in new business totaling over $50,000!

Cotleur and Hearing brought in new business totaling over $50,000! Their return on investment (ROI) was over 1,400%! With the help of our expert marketing consultants, Cotleur Hearing proved that investing in marketing was a terrific decision!

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