The Situation

The owners of Brooks Landscaping wanted to generate more new customers, so they came to us for help in designing and launching their landscaping direct mail campaign.

The Solution

We designed their landscape postcard so that it would appeal to any qualified homeowners who would receive it. Here’s why it worked:

  • The bright sky image on the postcard immediately grabs attention.
  • 3 real images illustrate the benefits of hiring Brooks (kid and dog safe!).
  • 3 special offers give recipients a surefire way to save $$$ while trying out Brooks Landscaping.

The owners took our advice and mailed their postcards not once but 3 times to the list of 4,000 Bethlehem residents. Plus, their mailing list was super targeted: not only did Brooks Landscaping mail to area residents, but they targeted homeowners with home values of $300,000+, and household incomes of $150,000 and up. In other words, they ONLY mailed to prospects most likely to contact, hire, and continue using a landscaping company just like them.

Mailing List: 4,000 records of local homeowners with home values of $300,000+ and household incomes of $150,000+

Check out their results.

The Results

33 new customers and $13,000 in revenue!

After 3 mailings (a total of 12,000 postcards mailed) sent 3 months in a row, the owners received 60 prospect calls, which turned into 33 NEW customers for their business. This translated into $13,000 in revenue right off the bat! Plus, the long-term revenue of this campaign has yet to be realized, since homeowners will typically use a landscaping company over and over again throughout the years, meaning:

This campaign will continue to produce revenue for Brooks even into the future!

Interested in doing a similar campaign for your business? Call us and we will get you connected with a marketing consultant who has experience creating campaigns for other landscapers!

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