The Situation

Dreamscapes is a landscaping company located in Cedar Creek, TX. If youre a landscaper (and you probably are if youre reading this), then you already know the landscaping industry can be pretty competitive! So Dreamscapes wanted a marketing campaign that would bring in new customers without breaking the bank to do it. They consulted our marketing experts to learn more about how a postcard marketing campaign could do just that.

The Solution

Dreamscapes heard about the amazing results weve achieved for other businesses in the landscaping industry, and they decided to giveDirectMail2.0 a try! This fully integrated marketing service includes four features in one convenient package that maximizes your return on investment. So what is it exactly? Heres a breakdown of what DirectMail2.0 includes:

A postcard marketing to generate the most amount of leads and visitors to your website

Mail tracking so that you can correctly anticipate when your mailer will hit mailboxes

A unique call tracking number that is forwarded directly to your usual line, yet captures all of the phone numbers that call (even if they dont leave a message!) AND it records all conversations so you can improve your sales team

Google Follow-Up Ads that track all new visitors to your website (the vast majority of which will be from your mailing!) and follow them with targeted banner ads as they continue surfing the web for increased exposure and repetition

For the mailing, Dreamscapes provided us with their own mailing list of 10,000 records, consisting of residences in their area, and based off of occupation. So far, theyve mailed to this list once, and with DirectMail2.0 analytics, they were able to tell who was calling in based on receiving a postcard, and how many people were following the online ads back to the website. Measuring your marketings success has never been easier!

The Results

Dreamscapes brought in $7,000 in immediate revenue

So far, Dreamscapes has received 17 calls and their online ads have been displayed 37,797 times to people who went to their website! And with only one mailing, Dreamscapes brought in $7,000 in immediate revenue from a campaign that cost $4,979. If they keep up their mailings and Google follow-up, they will definitely continue to increase the size of their brands footprint and gain even more new clients (and revenue!) with consistent promotion.

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