The Situation

Joe Haul is a landscaping contractor that primarily deals with removals and hauling in Hauser, Idaho. They were looking for a creative way to let homeowners know about their services so they contacted PostcardMania for ideas.

The Solution

They decided on a direct mail marketing campaign that targeted homeowners in the area. The design featured pictures of their crew in action, a common item in previously successful landscaping campaigns.

Joe Haul’s postcard included:

  • A headline that immediately communicates the card’s message
  • A list of their available services
  • 5 different money-saving offers

The town of Hauser only has 876 residents, so a hyper-targeted mailing list was critical for this campaign’s success. They purchased a consumer list of single family homeowners with a home market value of $400,000 and a lot size of at least 1 acre in an 11.65 miles radius around their location. These specs ensured that every recipient was super-qualified for their messaging and would be very receptive to a landscaping service.

To double down on this list, they mailed out to each recipient on a monthly basis for three months, ensuring that every recipient thought about their services whenever they needed some work done around their property.

The Results

An estimated $60,000 in revenue!

An estimated $60,000 in revenue! 

Joe Haul know exactly how many responses and conversions they’ve received, however they do know he’s been booked almost EVERY day since he started mailing. They estimate they’ve generated at least $60,000 from the campaign! As a first time marketer in a brand new business, they are very happy with the results.

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