Landscaping Case Study Video

The Situation

Sunbird Properties Maintenance is a family-owned business that has served Brooksville, FL residents for many years, but their sales needed a jump. Each tree service amounts to approximately $2,000 in revenue, so just a handful of new clients would help move the dial on their profits.

They needed a new, consistent way to bring in customers, so they decided to try sending postcards to all the single-family homes in a 2.5-mile radius around their business. Most people have a tree or two in their yards, or need some type of lawn maintenance, so their list was not highly specific — saving them money on postage.

The Solution

PostcardMania created a colorful and bright 4.25 x 6 postcard listing Sunbird’s professional tree services. Some of the main features included:

  • A 10% off coupon on the mailer that expired in 60 days to encourage prospects to use the service soon
  • A list of unique benefits that ensure their trees will be healthier and their homes will be safer free from dead branches. Not to mention, Sunbird will haul away all the debris for free!
  • A 5-star testimonial from a happy customer

PostcardMania sent 3,000 postcards to the same list every month for three months. Since repetition equals results, this was a great strategy to start out the gate.

The Results

She received 19 calls and made $14,000!
Digital Ad Network Ad Displays Clicks
Google 117,111 662

Sunbird Properties Maintenance spent $5,741.04 on their direct mail campaign with Google ads and made about triple the amount!

They received 19 phone calls (when we talked to them), amounting to 7 sales, and a total of $14,000 in revenue. That’s a 144% return on their investment (ROI)! In just a few months since then, they received 16 more phone calls for a total of 35 calls. If they are still closing these calls at the same rate they were before, they’ve likely increased their ROI to 353%!

How fantastic is that?

Not only have Sunbird’s phone calls increased, but prospects have also clicked on their Google ads 664 times, leading them to their website for more information. Sunbird Properties Maintenance is continuing their Everywhere Small Business marketing campaign today, and they are looking forward to even more incredible results.

Interested in doing a similar campaign for your business? Call us and we will get you connected with a marketing consultant who has experience creating campaigns for other tree service businesses.

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