The headline implores prospects to let their company Revive, Refresh and Update their Landscaping. This headline is set against the backdrop of a beautiful yard with two adirondack chairs in it to help prospects visualize what this company can offer them.

The Situation

Kalamazoo Garden Design & Maintenance needed a way to bring in more leads to their business, but they didn’t want to spend all day on their marketing. They called in and spoke with one of our marketing consultants to discuss the best options for them. We informed them that we could help them bring in new leads with a strategic postcard campaign, and that we could handle most of the leg work for them.

The Solution

Our design team created a beautiful card that was as effective at marketing as it was attractive. The image chosen for the front of the card immediately lets you know what the card is about, and also conveys the idea of relaxing on your immaculately manicured lawn. Here are a few other highlights from the design: The headline is clear and conjures the feelings of relaxation The back of the card offers new customers a 10% discount on their first service The card includes all the contact information necessary to reach the business Kalamazoo Garden Design decided to do a one-off mailing of 5,00 cards to a list of prospects handpicked to be just like their current client base.

The Results

Results are still coming in for this campaign, but Kalamazoo has already contacted us to tell us they have made $6,000 off of this mailing already. This success proves that with a great card and an excellent list, you can trust that your postcard is going to bring in new leads and help you grow.

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