The design was highly aesthetic, which backed up the marketing message of the card. Their headline claimed, “Our landscapes bring your home to life.” The background of the front of the card was a couple of high-resolution images of a beautifully landscaped home, which told recipients this company could deliver what it offers. They also offered a complimentary design and maintenance consultation to show prospective clients there was no risk in calling to find out what they could do for their home.

The Situation

Schmechtig Landscapes is an Illinois landscaping company that handles both landscape design and maintenance for their clients. They wanted to find a steady and reliable marketing tool for their ongoing marketing efforts and consulted with our marketing experts to learn more about direct mail postcards.

The Solution

Our marketing staff suggested a repetitious postcard campaign targeting consumers with high household income ($300,000+) and high home value ($775,000+). They repeated their postcard mailing 3 times (3 weeks apart) and timed it strategically in the early spring.

The Results

We generated $108,000 from our postcard mailings!

From those three mailings, Schmechtig Landscapes generated 39 responses. That probably does sound like a lot, when you consider they mailed 41,000 postcards… HOWEVER, look at their RETURN ON INVESTMENT… From those 39 responses: They closed 2 design build projects totaling $100,000. They closed 2 maintenance service calls totaling $8,000. Their total gross income from the mailing was $108,000! That’s is an incredible return on their investment, so the seemingly small response doesn’t even matter. All that matters is the $$$ that’s coming in from your marketing efforts.

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