The postcard was an elegant design with a black background and large pictures of gleaming silver jewelry. Beside the pictures, it told the reader that Hopman Jewelers could resize or repair their non-functional jewelry. On the back, it informed the reader that bringing in the postcard would get them a 10% discount on any repair.

The Situation

Hopman Jewelers knows that sales are only half of the battle when bringing in revenue for their business. Repairs are the other half. They wanted to bring in more clients for their repair services, so they consulted with our marketing team to design a marketing strategy that would meet their needs.

The Solution

They opted for a simple strategy. They chose one 2,500-card mailing to their own customer database.

The Results

With more responses expected, they have already had 43 responses to this mailing. That’s a great response rate for only 2,500 postcards.

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