The postcard design itself uses a red color scheme and a large image to catch recipients’ attention. The marketing message focused on warning prospective patients of the dangers of leaving an injury untreated. They offer them the choice to let their untreated injury worsen or to come get it treated the right way and move past it. Choosing to have them treat it seems like the logical choice when their situation is put into those terms.

The Situation

We were basically looking to raise awareness for the practice and to inform potential new patients of the services we offer.

Rehab Access Physical Therapy is a New Orleans based practice providing hands-on care and one-on-one attention to achieve great results for their patients. They have two treatment clinics and also offer home-based services.

The Solution

Postcard Design: Their design features two striking images highlighting the relief physical therapy can provide. The design also contains: A Captivating Headline Simple 3 Step Call To Action Easy to Locate Contact Information Mailing List: Targeted households in surrounding areas to raise name recognition for both clinics. Mailing Schedule: 1,500 cards per week for each practice.

The Results

“When I found PostcardMania, everything was handled…and [now] I’m able to work on growth and expansion. When you get a company that can put all that together and do it for you, then that’s one major headache that is out of the way.” – Johnny Johnson, Owner Rehab Access Physical Therapy

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