The Situation

Delphi Academy of Florida is a private school located in Clearwater, Florida. Realizing they needed to restructure their marketing tactics and allocate their funding in a more cost efficient manner, Deb Voss, the Senior Director of Marketing at Delphi Academy of Florida, enlisted the help of PostcardMania’s marketing services and utilized the Everywhere Small Business product.

The Solution

Design: An Everywhere Small Business postcard marketing campaign that targets residents within a 10-mile radius with children present that are between the ages of 2 to 16. The postcard includes:

  • Professionally designed graphics and formatting, making the card easily readable and attractive to the eye.
  • A written claim that Delphi Academy of Florida’s goal is to help children succeed, allowing parents to trust that their children will be in the right hands.
  • A five-star review and testimony from a satisfied parent that has children attending the academy, giving Delphi Academy of Florida more credibility as a quality private school.
  • An offer for free Grade Placement Testing with the presentation of the postcard, creating incentive for the recipient to respond to the postcard and contact the academy about their services.

Mailing List: Residents within a 10-mile radius with children present that are between the ages of 2 to 16.

The Results

According to Deb Voss, “In just one year of using Everywhere Small Business, we have seen a remarkable increase of 20% to 30% in our revenue here!” Delphi Academy of Florida has also witnessed an incredible increase in the number of students enrolled at their school, so much in fact, that they have a new problem: figuring out where to put all of them! The school has started plans for expanding classrooms and bringing in new teachers; something Deb Voss refers to as, “Champagne Problems.”

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