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Education Case Study Video

The Situation

Bethlehem Christian Academy is a private institution that teaches pre-kindergarten through 6th grade students in the suburbs of Cleveland, OH. With a struggling economy and a wide range of school choices, the academy faced declining enrollments. They called PostcardMania for help attracting new students to their school.

The Solution

Having personally overseen 108 school marketing campaigns, their consultant recommended a targeted direct mail postcard campaign to get enrollment back up.

Here is what made their postcard effective:

  • A bright, colorful design helps the postcard stand out in the mail
  • The headline (simply the name of the school) and images of children in a learning environment delivers their message quickly and efficiently
  • A valuable offer of FREE registration stands out in a bright red circle
  • The schools contact information on the front and back of the card makes contacting them for details easy

Bethlehem Christian sent their postcard to 2,000 families with children 5-12 in neighborhoods with underperforming schools. Because the children attended a failing school, the families qualified for an EdChoice Scholarship, which means the state of Ohio would pay their private-school tuition.

For increased exposure, the school sent their postcards to the same families twice over the course of two weeks.

The Results

1,009% return on investment!

The academys postcard campaign brought in 5 new students! Tuition at the school is $4,400, which means in just the first year, they will generate $22,000 a 1009% return on their investment! If those students stay at Bethlehem Christian for more than just one year, that ROI will continue to grow!

Interested in doing a similar campaign for your business? Call us and we will get you connected with a marketing consultant who has experience creating campaigns for other private schools!

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